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Saturday, April 19, 2003

I am guessing from Scooter's mugshot that the bleached hair and beard meant he was heading for the border. That so made my night last night. I'm not sure of the facts, (and this could be wrong), but I heard that they picked him up because it looked like he was going to try to flee the country.

As is usual on Holidays, I'll be working tomorrow, which just plain (expletive deleted) and (expletive deleted). I mean (expletive deleted), what the (expletive deleted).

I just ate two sausage links, two scrambled eggs, two pieces of bacon, and french toast at 11am, and I am now hungry again. I thought I read somewhere that hunger isn't caused by an empty stomach, but by a lack of nutrients in the bloodstream. I don't know if thats true though.

I noticed last night that the broil burner in my oven is not working (thats the heating thing on the top of the inside of the oven). I can still bake because the bottom one works, but I can't broil (which is important because I make my barbecued chicken in the oven and I use the broiler). I'm guessing, for the record, that when I call the guy out to fix it, it either costs hundreds of dollars, or I need a new oven.

Now this is a shocker. I have a pair of jeans with a pretty decent size whole in the left knee (thats not the shocker, that comes in a minute). Well I only wear the "holy jeans" on Saturdays at work. I can wear jeans to work anytime but they can't have holes in them. Last Saturday I wore them and when I got home I tossed them in the washing machine, they were washed, and went into my dresser till this morning. When I put them on this morning I found $34 dollars in my jeans! How the heck did I miss that much money? And it was in pretty good shape for having gone through the wash. I do know that last Saturday I had quite a few "adult beverages" but as soon as I get home I always just go right into my pajamas. I'm guessing alcohol played a small factor, but I am still amazed that I lost track of that much money.

4/19/2003 08:30:00 AM
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