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Thursday, April 24, 2003

I had a dream last night that it was a Saturday afternoon (I don't know how knew it was Saturday afternoon, I just knew) and it was bright and sunny outside, and inside my house sitting at the kitchen table was former president John Kennedy doing my taxes. Out on the back deck sat Nikita Kruschev on one of the deck chairs sleeping. I was making pea soup. I asked the former president if he wanted a glass of iced tea and he said no, and grumbled something that my taxes were a miss. I got the feeling he was peed off at me because of my taxes too.

I saw American Pie for the first time last night on FX. It was okay, but not as funny as I head been led to believe. I think the best all time life-in-high-school movie would have to be Fast Times At Ridgemont High but that might just be because I grew up then.

Creed sued over drunken singer. I just can't imagine what would have happened to The Doors if people were this litigous back than. Although it would be funny to see that happen (the Creed singer thing that is).

My one co-worker just told me that she saw the Creed thing on the news and that Creed is supposedly a Christian rock band. I guess which may explain the suing thing. I guess if you take your kids to see a religous rock group and the singer is drunk and all thats not good.

"Cats aren't clean, they're just covered with cat spit." - John S. Nichols
For some reason, I never thought about it like that.

That qoute reminds me of a story that I probably never mentioned here (imagine that). When I first got Kitty (I didn't name Kitty, my sister did, I would have never have given her that name) had a peeing problem. Around that same time I stole Boots (yes, I stole someones cat, thats a long story I told once here, I tell it again soon) who also had a peeing problem. They've both since been fixed and don't have the problem anymore. Well, before the problem was solved, whenever one would pee where they weren't supposed to I would spray them with water and put them in a cat carrier for a awhile. I did it to both Boots and Kitty a couple times. I thought that was working until one day (after about a week of doing it), Kitty peed on a comforter that was on the sofa. I grabbed her, squirted her with water and tossed her in the cat carrier. Than right before my eyes, Boots comes waltzing along to the cat carrier, turns around, and pees on both the carrier and poor Kitty. We went to the vets a couple days later.

If there is anything I remember to do tomorrow, it is to pick up a black printer cartridge for my inkjet printer. Of course this will be next to impossible since I have a compaq printer and compaq doesn't make the cartridges anymore, Lexmark does, and I'll have to flick through the cards at the store to see which one matches, and they won't have the one I want so I'll have to go to two different stores to actually find it (sorry for the run on sentence). I ran out of blank ink about two weeks ago and I normally don't print a lot of stuff out (except the weather forecast in the beginning of the week, I tape that to the fridge) but since I am out of ink there's like a billion things I've seen that I want to print out. I do have a color cartridge, but ther is no way I'm going to use that. You end up using all the dark ink and if you want to print out a picture, its all pinkish. I should get those refilliable things, but I'm really not sure if they work.

Well, if anything can be said about Your AP site, it should be said that we are helpful. And how are we helpful? Well, how about this tip:

"How do you handle the crucial problem of getting Heinz Ketchup out of the bottle?"

Heinz discourges insertion of knives or silverware into the bottle. Pounding on the bottom of the bottle actually helps perpetuate the "vacuum seal". The best method according to Heinz is to tilt the ketchup bottle at an angle (not straight down) and jab the bottle where the 57's are molded into the glass. If you tap the "57's" properly, you will break the seal and the ketchup, thick as it is, will pour quickly. The "57's" are located right where the ketchup forms a natural seal (they are imprinted into the glass at the neck of the bottle).

4/24/2003 08:23:00 AM
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