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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

So I left work early on Friday and we went to Point Pleasent NJ and got back Monday afternoon. This is the best time of the year to go, because (especially if you don't dig swimming in the ocean) everything is cheap, its not super crowded, and you can still walk on the beach without having to get into a bathing suit and get a sunburn or risk getting eaten by a shark. The folks seem to be nicer there when its off season. I was so depressed to be back at work yesterday I didn't blog because I was sure it would be a bunch of whiny, pity me stuff.

Now this is cool. Yesterday I dropped my 2002 Hyundai Accent GL with its super high car payments off at a local repair shop to get inspected. Yesterday afternoon they said it would need new breaks, tires, and tire rods (or ty rods, or tie rods, or ty cobb, or whatever) and I should take it to the dealer. So I did. The dealer just called. The car completley passed inspection and since its under warranty there is no inspection fee. I said "Are you sure, the other guy said I needed all this other stuff." At which time the guy said "nope, not even close". And said when I pick up the car he'll show me how everything is good. I said no, I'm cool with his word. Here's another cool thing Hyundai did, they gave me a loaner car for free for two days. I should probably not go to the other mechanic again.

I just got back from picking the car up from inspection. Since it passed its test so well I decided to get it washed (the automatic bay). This is a special treat cause I kind of belong to the school of thought that God washes your car just fine with rain. I did vacuum out the inside and found:
1. $4.57 in assorted change. I was pleasently suprized to find a lot of quarters, it pretty much paid for the wash.
2. A pack of cigarettes containing four cigarettes, and another pack of cigarettes containg ten cigarettes under the seats. Whoo hoo!
3. One full, uneaten, McDonalds Hashbrown.
4. One book of stamps containing three stamps.
5. Three pens, one black, one blue, and a felt tip red pen.
6. Two lighters.

Booted Idol Contestant Apologizes to Fans, Peers. I have to agree with this. Beating up 15 year old girls and police probably would not make you idol material. I don't think he would have last much longer anyway though. What shocks me is that didn't he realize he would be caught?

I've had no time to blog because I've been at the NASA site for the last three hours. There's a huge photo gallery of all the space shuttle missions. I'm sucker for photo galleries. You can find it here. The last time I posted the link it was only to the last ten years or so of missions, but that link starts at mission number one.

Now here's something interesting. The first few flights of the shuttle back in the the early eighties, when there were only two passengers (pilot and commander) there were actually ejection seats. After the crew grew to more than that and some astronauts were seated in the midsection of the shuttle (four astronauts on flight deck, three below decks), out of a sense of fairness they removed the ejection seats. There was no way to eject anyone from the mid deck.

Okay one more post about the space shuttles. A picture of how you slept in the early flights of the space shuttle. I don't know if this has changed. I think this is the Challenger on mission four. I guess they have to strap you down because of the lack of gravity.

4/02/2003 08:44:00 AM
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