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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

My job would be so much easier if people wouldn't mumble on the phone. Or use speaker phones. Speaker phones never work, its sounds like the caller is in a wind tunnel. I think that is my major pet peeve, speaker phones. Sometimes if I know someone is on a speaker phone, even if I can kind of hear them, I'll tell them I can't so they get off the darn thing. People who talk quick on the phone are pain too. The worst is the people who use their phone in the bathroom. I wish I had a nickel for everytime I heard someone flush their toilet while on the phone.

24% Alcohol Beer That Is Good Til The Year 3000. Oh yes, these are the best of times.

Well, in my opinion Josh is going to be the one to go tonight. Of all of them, his was probably the weakest performance. I thik Clay had the strongest performance of the night. Of course I'm usually wrong on who I think gets voted out and who is actually voted out. I also think they should change the voting to who you want to kick off, rather than who you want to stay.

Well tomorrow afternoon is our yearly company fire drill practice. Its kind of absurd considering that after the layoffs last year there isn't enough people left in the building to make a decent street gang, but oh well. Last year I was appointed the fire extinguisher person and I'm hoping this year that someone else gets picked. On this floor we have one of those big fire extinguishers and I'm getting sick of carting that thing out to the parking lot every time we have a fire drill.

I have small cut on my foot thats really annoying me. The strange thing is, I didn't have the cut on my foot when I went to bed, I'm sure of it. But when I woke up it was there. Its not a big cut, but now that I've been at work for almost four hours its starting to get annoying. I put neosporin on it (because I kept on thinking about getting an infection and than of course having to lose my foot or something). Its the left foot though, and if I had to lose one, thats the one to lose. If I had to choose between losing a foot or a hand, I would definatly say the foot. I could stump around on a fake one I think without much of a problem. I'm not a beach person or anything. Okay, this is getting weird. I'll stop now.

4/30/2003 10:02:00 AM
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