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Saturday, April 12, 2003

Since our I.T. guy was laid off last year, every few months they send an I.T. guy from out state to come by and check out our system and do whatever it is they do. Well, on Thursday and Friday the out of state I.T. guy came by so no one went on the internet because we all pretty much thought he was spying on us. Pretty much all the I.T. seemed to do was shut the entire system down for an hour which pretty much caused a lot of chaos. He was supposed to defragment all the hardrives and replace one, but left for doing any of that. We can't do it ourselves (even though we know how) because it has to be an I.T. person that does that. A few of us have thought about doing it on the sly tomorrow, when none of the important people are in.

I feel like I'm having one of those days where I am always hungry. When I woke up this morning I had a bagel, and when I got here to work we ordered out and I had french toast, sausage, sunnyside up eggs, and bacon. That was like two hours ago and now I am thinking about ordering a cheeseburger and french fries. I also have a craving for liver and onions.

Bikers Offended by Anti-Revving Rule I have to agree with Charleston S.C. here. Sometimes motorcyclists rev their engines way to loud to the point where it rattles windows.

I just might (and this is a big just might) actually get a cell phone after work tonight. If the price is right. I've never had one before and its probably time for me to join the 20th century. I'm going to go to the AT&T place at the mall.

So I have two ducks that have been pretty much living in my backyard. Probably because for the last four days it has been raining cats and dogs and the ground is to saturated to asborb anymore water. I've been giving them bread everymorning and since it looks like we are not going to get any rain in the next few days I'm hoping that they eventually just go away. I have a bad feeling that feeding them was a bad idea. This morning they were actually waiting in the backyard for me.

The D.J. on the radio this morning, after playing Don Mcleans "American Pie" said that each one of the lines in the song had some type of musical-historical meaning. I never heard that before but sure enough, it does. I found out (and I long since dumped the internet site, if I find it I'll post it) but here are what I read some of the lines means;

I drove my chevy to the levy, but the levy was dry-referring to the three college students who were murdered and was the subject of the movie "Mississippi Burning". Which is kind of a bummer, cause I'll forever associate that part of the song to a tragedy now.

When the Jester sang for the king and queen in a coat he borrowed from James Dean-Refers to Bob Dylan playing for the queen of england in a red windbreaker like the one Jimmy Dean (not the sausage dude) wore in the movie "Rebel Without A Cause". On a side note, one of the best movies I ever saw was "Giant" with James Dean. Also on a side note, Jimmy Dean sausage is the best out there.

The birds flew off with the fallout shelter Eight miles high and falling fast-the Byrds song "Eight Mile High". Yea, I've never heard the song either.

And as I watched him on the stage, my hands were clenched in fists of rage, no angel born in hell, could break that Satan's spell-the Rolling Stones concert where they had the Hell's Angels as security.
There's more, but I can't remember them.

4/12/2003 10:30:00 AM
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