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Monday, April 14, 2003


For the rest of the world its Monday, but for me today is Friday. I have Tuesday and Wednesday off, which are now my Saturday and Sunday. I go back to work this Thursday, but since I have off on Monday, its really my Tuesday.

According to Time Magazine, Uday Hussein's (Saddam's son) email address is I've written to him but I've not gotten any reply. I can't imagine why. I'm also amazed he was able to get his own name for a yahoo email address, thats like completley impossible.

Cooties are a relatively recent medicinal herb that have received a global spotlight, mainly due to the geographical confinement of its habitats. Cooties were the Plains Indians' primary medicine. They applied Cootie poultices to all types of wounds including insect bites and snakebites. They used Cooties for teeth and gum pains, and drank Cootie tea to treat colds, smallpox, arthritis, measles, and mumps. Cooties were widely in use by Native Americans, and later by colonial settlers before 19th century

According to this article (at the bottom of the page) The Beatles have sued Apple Computer company a couple times for mucho grande dinero and if Apple does buy Universal, than they might sue them again.

My parents are coming down tomorrow to drop off a bed (the one in the guest room is kind of old). I've been putting this off for about a month but they called me and pretty told me it was happening tomorrow wether I liked it or not. Don't get me wrong, I want the new bed, but my mom is coming down to, which means my mom will be in my house, and my mom is a clean freak, and could probably take over Martha Stewarts job is she wanted. Now I'm going to have to clean my house like crazy. I don't live in a pig sty, but compared to my mom's house, any average house looks like a pig sty. I know she'll see the livingroom, the kitchen, and the guest room. She might use the bathroom, so I'll have to clean that room to. If I can keep them from parking in the back of the house, than I can put off mowing the grass until Wednesday. I'm hoping that they take me to Hoss's though. Lunch with the parents is always free.

I was just buying some coffee downstairs (since the layoffs there are so few of us left that its pretty much imperative that everyone pays for their coffee) and I noticed I had the new Alabama quarter. It has Helen Keller on the back, how cool is that?

It is so freaky with this daylight savings time. Right now the sun should be setting out of the window where I work, but there it still is burning as bright as ever. Going home from work is the freakiest though. I'm used to it being pitch black, but its still light out. Now this is a wierd thought (like it would be the first one here or something) but I bet this daylight savings time really screws up our cats. They're used to seeing me get home when its dark and now I pop in when its still light out. And visa versa in the a.m.

Now this is funny. I just went outside to smoke and the lady in charge of everyone in the building was outside talking to one of our salesman. As I stepped out this is what I heard;

"Hey, Nancy, I don't mean to shock the monkey, but I don't think we'll have the centrex agreements done by tomorrow afternoon."

Nancy said it was okay, but thats not the point. I have never heard anyone use "Shock The Monkey" in casual conversation before. And I've known a lot of Peter Gabriel fans. I have to admit, it sounded like really good usage though.

It looks like they found Laci Peterson and Connor Peterson. This is so sick. I hope in the next two days that I am off work that I get to see Scott Peterson arrested. My gosh, what kind of person does this?

4/14/2003 09:34:00 AM
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