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Saturday, April 26, 2003


Well I didn't post anything silly while I was drinking my adult beverages last night, but I did download a half a billion songs from Bearshare. Well actually not half a billion, about seven or so. I would have gotten a lot more but I have a dial up connection and everytime I downloaded something someone was downloading something from my computer which slowed it down even more. Theres a way you can stop people from doing that, but I would feel really guilty about that. Of course as far as the whole legality of it, like I said before, if I download "In A Big Country" by Big Country, does that mean I am stealing money from them? Of course not. If I couldn't download it, I still wouldn't actually go out and buy a Big Country album. (note:my neighbor Spencer told me that one of the guys from Big Country killed himself some time ago, I'm still looking to see if thats true. I think he has them confused with that guy from Milli Vanilli. Who I think killed himself).

One other thing of note from last night. Don't drink adult beverages and go on E-Bay. You'll end up getting a "smokeless ashtray" that you really don't need like I will be getting in a couple of weeks. Thats if the seller doesn't rip me off for twenty dollars.

I'm keeping an eye on the draft today, but not as much as I used to, a lot of draft choices disappoint me in the regular season. I think the Jets made a good call with Dewayne Robertson, and the Steelers taking Polamalu is a good idea. We so need a good safety. Cincy of course took Carson Palmer. Unfortunatley I think there is so much wrong with the Cincy front office that it really doesn't matter. I can't believe the Vikings didn't get their pick in on time. I read that they are blaming the Ravens for messing that up. How, I'm not really sure.

Chicago just took a quarterback, which is kind of shocking I think. I wonder what Kordell must be thinking? If I was him (Kordell) I would have wanted a longer term contract. I think, if my memory is right, is that he took a short one for about five million dollars.

I swear I am not just going to post about the draft all day, but Willis McGahee was just picked up by Buffalo. Willis was the guy that got his knee vaporized in the Fiesta bowl. I was hoping someone would take a chance with him.

Well, we had out easter egg hunt at work today (late but, they had to do it late to get the most amount of people here). What they did was hide eggs everywhere with stuff in them. Some people got money or gift certificates. I found a single egg with a keychain in it. I was going for this yellow egg that was hidden behind a fax machine but someone grabbed right before me, and it had a twenty dollar bill in it.

4/26/2003 10:29:00 AM
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