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Wednesday, April 09, 2003


I called off sick yesterday because I woke up at three in the morning with what I thought was indigestion. It turns out it must have been a stomach virus or food poisoning. I'm leaning toward virus cause the only thing that I had that could be suspicous was barbecued chicken I made myself and I'm sure it was thoroughly cooked. I also like not to think that I poisoned myself. After I felt a little better I watched a couple movies that my niece Ashley left at our place. Monsters Inc. and Toy Story. They're not usually the movies I like (I prefer sci fi, horror, or "dramadey's"). I have to say Monsters Inc. was hilarious. I might acutally buy a copy of it for myself. Toy Story was pretty gosh darn good too.

So I decided to make myself an organ donor when I renewed my license. Now I just hope that if something terrible happnes to me that my organs don't go to some jerk. Of course, should I ever need an organ myself I'll except it from anyone.

Cloned Sheep Dolly, Now Stuffed, Goes on Display. I know there's all kinds of ethics stuff involved in cloning. I really don't care much about that. I just want to see a dinosaur. We need to start getting working on cloning a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Thats really what we all want anyway.

On the drive in to work today on Rt. 222 there was a car on fire, it looked like a green Ford Escort stationwagon. I heard a traffic report about it on the radio just before I actually saw it. There's nothing about it in the news and its killing me to know what happened. The car was completley engulfed in flames, and it looked another car had hit it.

Tomorrow I have to be here at the the un-Godly hour of 9am (I usually start at 11:30am). I can't remember the last time I saw seven a.m. on the clock (well I guess it was last week when I started at nine the one day). And I'm going to have to deal with rush hour traffic. And on rt 283 which is most of my drive, at 8am you are driving directly into the sun for about twenty minutes. Maybe it will be cloudy.

4/09/2003 12:16:00 PM
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