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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

I allways feel guilty when I'm posting after I haven't for a couple days. But its really not my fault. It really isn't. If you give me a couple days off work, I already have a very comfy sofa, a very fat cat that likes to sleep on me, cable television, and a lazy streak you wouldn't believe. Also the stereo is in the kitchen (the good one), and of course all the food is in the kitchen, (and of course the liquer cabnet is there for the evenings), so its pretty tough to get up here (on the second floor) in the guestroom (computer room) to post anything.

But some pretty cool things did happen in the last couple days. The FX Channel has started MASH from episode number one. And tonight while flicking through the channels I saw this really cool video on TLC that had this surfer being attacked by a great white shark (and while that was happening there was a second shark near him waiting to attack too). He survived, which is amazing. And he's back surfing the same beach, which I think is amazling stupid. If he gets eaten by a shark, I am so going to be here to say "I told you so.". I also remembered that tonight was garbage night, and got the garbage out. How amazing is that?

4/22/2003 08:12:00 PM
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