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Friday, May 09, 2003

Let me first start out today by saying, in my last post last night, I didn't mean to say the Mrs. Pennsylvania dog looked "better" than the other dogs in the evening gown contest, I meant to say she looked "cuter" or "funnier" than the other dogs, i.e. she than should have won. Also, she was much more talented than the rest soley because of her tightrope walking skills. Although I have to admit I was impressed by the dog that went down the steps on only her front legs.

Health Czar Warns Fast-Food Joints to Shape Up. This so pees me off. It is not McDonalds fault. When McDonald's kidnaps people and force feeds them Big Macs than its their fault. I mean, my gosh. Back off of my McDonalds.

In a few minutes I'm going to leave work for about an hour cause I have a ton of coupons for Arby's, and normally that place is just to expensive, and I need to use these coupons before they expire or I'll kick myself everytime I pass an Arby's.

I have to go to a wedding tomorrow. I'm always careful not to drink at wedding receptions. Do you know what a wedding reception is? Its just a party that is video taped and photographed out the wazoo and if you get drunk and do something weird that will be preserved for possibly a hundred years. About six years ago at a wedding me and a couple friends got drunk and did some kareokee. We sang "Achey Brakey Heart". And it was videotaped. The next morning when I woke up I vowed to never again drink at a wedding reception. It so troubles me to know that that tape is still out there.

Ashton Kucher rats out the Bush twins. You know, that pees me off. If your at a party and someone you know is doing something they probably shouldn't, you don't rat them out. Thats just not cool. You certainly don't rat them out to the national media. Irregardless of who they are. Ashton Kutcher is a jerkface.

The Social Security Administrations Most Popular Baby Names If your super bored like me, its pretty cool. You can see them by State too.

Okay, time to go soon. Have a nice weekend everyone.

5/09/2003 08:25:00 AM
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