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Monday, May 12, 2003


I was at Walmart before the wedding on Saturday to buy new slacks (found out four hours before the wedding that my old ones don't fit) and bought the coolest thing (besides the slacks). An automobile fire extinguisher. How cool is that? Now I am on the look out for cars that catch fire, so I can use it. So anyway, the wedding was okay, the reception was horrid. Why would you not have air conditioning in a reception hall? And why would you make folks weight three hours before they serve dinner? I actually ended up leaving about five minutes after dinner was served cause I thought for sure I was going to suffer from heat exhaustion. We ended up going through the McDonalds drive thru. That would be a cool wedding food item to add to the invitation. Beef, Chicken, McDonalds, or Taco Bell, choose one.

Man weighing 47 stone hoisted to hospital by crane. Yes, your reading that right. Thats the exact title of the news story. Remember a couple days ago I complained that there needs to be a web browser that changes the metric system over to the American non-metric system? Well "47 Stone" is some European weight measurement. In the article it says "47 Stone" is about "300 kg". Of course they don't say how many pounds that is. I'm going to try to find out what 300 kilograms is now.

This is funny. I got a note in my door from the gas company saying that they were prevented from reading my gas meter and I would have to reschedule. I have a gas hot water heater and the meter is actually in the basement. On the meter reading days I just leave the basement door open and they go in, read it, and lock the door behind them. So I called to see what the problem was, and the lady said, according to her notes, that a man and his dog prevented the meter reader from going into the basement. Guess who? A phone call later I find out that my neighbor Spencer saw the guy try to get into the house and yelled at him to get away, ran over and told him not to enter the house. Spence thought it might have been some guy dressed like the gas company to steal me blind or something. Of course Spence forgot to tell me. I did reschedule it and told the gas company that no one would stop them from getting in again. The funny thing (amidst all the other funny business) is that Spencer's dog weighs all of I think five pounds, is 12 years old, and is going blind. The gas company lady made it sound like the guys life was in danger from the dog.

Here at work we were just talking about how if you work at a desk like I do (well, a cubicle with windows, which are very hard to clean) all day you are prone to blood clots in your legs. So I looked it up on the internet, and sure enough its true. The only remedy outside of getting another job, is to get up and walk around for a little bit. Well it just so happens that every 90 minutes or so, I get up, go outside, and smoke. So I guess, in a way, my smoking habit is somewhat healthy. Of course there's the increased risk of cancer and many other health issues, but if you take that away, its healthy.

I just got back from vacuuming (sp?) the car, and here are this weeks totals. It isn't much because it was raining and I kept on thinking the vacuum machine was going to shock me to death cause I pretty much had to stand in a puddle to do it.
1). 12 cents. This number is pretty low only because since I vacuumed last time I had to gather the change to pay for gas. Hopefully the next trip I'll be back in the 2 dollar range.
2). One Double "A" battery.
3). A small dog bisuit. I have no idea how that got there.
4). A handfull of old McDonald's fries.
5). April's Readers Digest.
6). Arby's coupons.
7). A ratty old check from my check book. I use the routing number and account number to pay my bills over the phone or on the computer.
8). A Disney "Goofy" pen. A coworker went to Disney and got pens to match the personalities of all her coworkers. I was actually hoping for Mike Wazowsky from Monsters Inc.

Okay, this is troubling. I found out what this "Longhorn" thing is. Its a new version of windows. What the heck is that? A new version? This is just wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. I mean, I haven't even gotten to XP yet, I'm still using Windows 98. Heck, I know a couple people who still use Windows 95. I want to stay in my Windows 98 world. And from what I understand, if I buy a new computer, I can't get it with Windows 98. Can you use Mozilla with Windows 98? This is bad. Very bad.

I wanted to mention this earlier but forgot. I got to see some of the switch this morning with Jay Leno taking Katie Courics place on the Today Show. At first it seemed like he was tired, but I'm thinking that was just him using a serious face because the lead off story was pretty horrific. He did pretty good though, and seemed totally comfortable to me. I give them three stars, it was pretty cool. I don't think Katie will have a problem tonight, although I heard on the radio this a.m. that there was a rumor that she was very difficult to work with.

Time to go home. Its good to be back at my regular shift, although it felt kind of weird, I actually woke up this morning like two hours earlier than I had to. So I'm extra tired, so I need to keep myself awake til my normal bedtime of 12:30am, so I can sleep til my normal wake up time. I hope that made sense.

5/12/2003 08:56:00 AM
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