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Friday, May 02, 2003

My last post last yesterday for some reason never showed up. I realized at about 8pm last night before I left for work that I left my money at home along with my MAC card (my MAC card always seem to be at home when I need it) and I only had 83 cents. And my gas guage was on "E". So I decided that 83 cents is probably just enough to gas to get me home (my post that disappeared said I was going to try to make it home on "E") but I chickened out. Do you know how hard it is to pump only 83 cents worth of gas? I tried to stop it and ended up pumping 85 cents. After a frantic search I found three cents in the car. I made it home and the fuel light only flashed for like a minute near the end of the drive.

David Lee Roth, Crime Fighter. Hagar Shmaygar.

Seven and a half hours til the weekend starts. There is no way I am going to make the next seven and half hours of this shift. I stayed up to late and I'm tired and bored. I have a couple options;

1) Fake a sudden illness. Something like sudden nausea. I did this once before and it worked. That was less than a year ago though, and if I tried it again it might look suspicous.

2) Take a fake phone call and make it seem like I am all concerned, hang up, and than rush to the boss and say I have a family emergency. The only problem is that if I did this, and then by some weird twist of fate there was an emergency, I would carry the guilt to my grave.

3) Sneak out an hope no one will notice. I've seen other people do this, but its always much closer to the end of the day.

Of course, I'll probably just sit here and whine and moan all day because I'm a big chicken, but it is cool to think about the possiblities.

I just had one of the best work naps I had in a while. Hopefully, the rest of the day will go quickly. I figure that if I take a Vivarin around 4pm, that will carry me through for the rest of the day.

Girl sues to be lone valedictorian. This girl is a twit. And unfortunatly twits have access to the legal system.

I'm going to stop reading articles about Michael Skakel's conviction, because the more I do the more I'm starting to think that it was his older brother Tommy or that Littleton guy. I so can never be on jury, I flip flop way to much. Now I'm wondering if the guy that is in prison is innocen or not.

Thirty more minutes. I'm off til Monday so I probably won't post much but what I am going to do is post that "100 Things" thing. I tried to do it last year, got up to number thirty something, and ran out of things to say about myself. I've been chipping at it a little bit at a time and will post it sometime tonight. If I can come up with ten more things to say about myself.

5/02/2003 08:55:00 AM
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