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Saturday, May 24, 2003

amanda peterson

Since its a holiday weekend, I am of course at work. I heard on the news this morning that traffice was going to be terrible, and it certainly is. A whole stretch of Rt. 283, which a pretty major freeway around here, had the west bound lane shut down. I drove by it in the eastbound lane and from what I could tell the accident had something to do with a tanker truck. There was also a terrible smell, like burning or something. I hope I didn't inhail toxic fumes or something, unless of course they give me super powers like in the movies. I also stopped at Walmart on the way in and that place was super packed.

Alleged attacker is suing Eminem. Eminem's high school bully should just be thankful that Eminem didn't some people to go and beat him up a couple times.

The Steve McNair Mugshot. You've got to dig the hair.

I way to exited to be at work. At Walmart I bought the dvd of "The Green Mile". I saw the movie some time ago but completley forgot most of it. I was up in the attic a few days ago looking for some old bank statements and came accross the six "Green Mile" books. That was so cool when he did that. I was at the book store every month to buy the new one as soon as it came out. So I brought them down and started reading them again.

One of my coworkers just informed me that she was planning on calling in sick tomorrow. Which is a total bummer because thats what I was planning to do, and we keep a skeleton crew here at the office on Saturdays the way it is. Which means I can't call off now. I made her promise not to call off on Tuesday, me next targeted call of day.

Years ago I used to think that those folks that drove around with those huge RV's all over the country were just old and crazy. Sadly, I have to report, that one of the first things that I am gong to do when (notice I said "when" not "if") is buy a huge RV, one that has all the latest gadgets, hook the little Hyundai to the back and head west for a super long vacation. The more I see them, the cooler I think they are.

Clay May Have Known Idol Results, Says Simon. You know, I taped the show, and I'm going to watch it again, but I think they are right. When Ryan Seachrist was about to announce the winner, Clay looked at Reuban and almost immediatly started congratulating him after it was announced. Like he knew. I thought he just expected he would lose. I also read an article that said Simon might not be back next year. Which would totally stink, he's the best part of the show.

Okay off to watch the Green Mile!
Breakfeast-scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, french toast
Lunch-tuna salad sandwhich
Dinner-2 porkchops, mashed potatos, corn
Other-Bearclaw after lunch

5/24/2003 09:44:00 AM
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