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Thursday, May 22, 2003


Back in the saddle. I hate it when I go a couple days without blogging. Not that I ever post anything extraordinary or brilliant (my idea of Barbamittens i.e. gloves for when eating bbq ribs was I thought brilliant), but all the same. But I did accomplish some things while I was away. I mopped the front room in the house and changed a vaccum cleaner belt. The latter being amazing cause I had to use a screwdriver (I used a real tool successfully!).

Nicole Kidman's puffing at Cannes leaves anti-smokers fuming. There seems to be an "anti-" group for everything. Although that anti-oreo dude took the cake. I really think a lot of the "anti" folks are just people unhappy in their lives and want to make other people unhappy. Especially that Oreo cookie dude. The anti-smokers might have better ground to stand on though, with it killing folks and all.

Although I really do like anti-pasta.

And I'd love to try one of those anti-gravity plane trips. Okay, thats enough, this is getting silly.

Was it just me or did Ryan Sechrist announce different vote totals seperating Clay and Reuban last night? I should have taped it, at one poing I thought he said 13,000, but one of my coworkers just said it was only like 3000 or something. I was having a couple adult beverages though, so I might be completley wrong.

11 fined for spitting amid SARS fears. Okay, SARS or not, I am definatly anti-spitting. Thats just gross. There is no reason in the world to spit unless you at the dentists.

While I was at home the last two days I think I really screwed up my cats schedules. All day yesterday they were fighting amongst each other, chasing each other around, and knocking stuff over. I know they don't to this when I get home after work, and I'm fairly certain it doesn't happen when no one is at home cause there isn't stuff knocked all over the place when someone does get home. Or it could be that there is some type of power struggle going on, I know the top cat is still Mr. Black, no one messes with him, but alot of his close second were involved in the fighting. I don't know why you would want to be the second cat in the line of authority, cause than your just the cat that Mr. Black beats up on once a day. I would love to video tape what goes on in the house and see what the cats do when no one is there. Or maybe get a webcam and watch it from work. Although I think that would be going to far.

Now this is cool. I'm going to be on the listener advisory board for The River 97.3 WRVV. Which means we get to meet with some of the DJ's and give them suggestions on what to play and what not. I tried to get on last year but when they called me to be on it, I lost the voicemail message and didn't call them back in time.

I'm actually writing another letter. Without the help of microsoft word. This is like the third one in two months, which is more than I've written (actual letters) in probably three years. Its to a friend who doesn't have access to a computer where they are (and hates it I'm sure) so I decided to feel the pain too and actually do it with a pen and paper. And it stinks. After two or three pages your hand starts to cramp up and you get ink all over your fingers. I think anymore if I write a letter thats going to me more than three pages than I'm going to stop feeling the pain and use word. I also don't like to use word because I usually don't have a lot to say and when you write it out long hand the letter seems longer (more pages!).

Okay, time to go home. I think what I'm going to start doing at the end of the day is recording what I ate. What theck, I've got nothing better to do.
Breakfeast-Cheese omelot, bacon, home fries, tea (hot).
Lunch-Mushroom ravioli's. (when I bought them I thought they were pierogies, but I just added tomato sauce when I found out, they came frozen).
Dinner-BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, broccoli
In Between Stuff-Slim Jims, a brownie.

5/22/2003 08:53:00 AM
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