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Friday, May 23, 2003

Some folks called in sick this morning, and with the holiday this Monday, I am going to be super busy today. I know it sometimes seems that I really don't do anything here at work, but every now and again I put the working cap on and actually do some stuff. I just wish it wasn't today. And the morning started off so well, I woke up early and wasn't tired, had time to eat, watched MASH. I should have known it would get crappy.

The powers that be brought in free pizza for everyone. The economy must be doing better than I thought. I can't remember the last time we had free pizza day here. I know it was like two months before the layoffs last year. And its even from Pizza Hut.

I don't have to read to much about it, but I wonder if this new tax cut means that I'll get another three hundred dollar check like two years ago. It would be so easy if taxes were like that every year, that you didn't have to file anything, the government kept track of it, and just sent you money.

I just read an article, and then I lost, and if I find it again I'll post it. But according to this article, that chief NASA guy (O'Keefe) says that they might have been able to launch Atlantis in time to save Columbia. Or maybe I read it wrong, but if I didn't, that would make that tragedy even worse, that something could have been done.

Official Would've OKd Shuttle Rescue. "Columbia's crew could have stayed alive until at least Feb. 14 and possibly days longer, the engineer said. The window for a rescue would have been tight, but such a mission was not impossible." At the end of the article some guy makes some lame reference to the astronauts being like the folks that day on Mt. Everest, which is just plain ridiuclous.

I get to leave 90 minutes early today, and of course the day is going incredibly slow. If I'm ever told I have like three months to live or something, I spending it at work, cause I'm sure it would drag on for years. One cool thing though, the person who I share a fan with called in sick, so I get the fan all to myself.

I just got somneone calling a wrong number. A guy (sounded about 16 years old) called and asked if Stephanie was home. I told him Stephanie does not wish to speak to him anymore, and told him not to call back, and than hung up. Hee, hee.

Its certainly going to be weird driving home when its still daylight out. The real bummer is that I won't be able to listen to the "Eight O'Clock Eighties" on the 97.3.
Breakfeast-egg mcmuffin, hashbrown, coffee
Lunch-cheeseburger, french fries
Dinner-lots of pizza (ham and pineapple)

5/23/2003 08:49:00 AM
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