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Sunday, May 18, 2003


Just for the record, it feels weird to work on a Sunday.

We have a TV in the kitchen and that usually the TV that I watch when I'm home from work and doing dishes and cooking for the next day. Its the one TV in the house that does not have cable (because I'm to cheap to have the cable people come out an hook it up), but NBC and Fox comes through pretty clearly on the antennae. I think, and I could be wrong, that NBC shows one variation of Law and Order everynight of the week. I don't mind, I love the show (I like criminal intent the best), but I wonder if soon they are just going to overexpose it. I did hear that they cancelled Law And Order Robbery Homicide (which I thought was a silly idea). Anyway, tonight is awesome because you have American Dreams at 8pm and than I hope, two Law And Order Criminal Intents.

N.J. Traffic Brings Powerball Drawing To A Halt . I was watching with my ticket in hand last night at 11pm (on NBC in the kitchen) and the announcer comes on and just says that the drawing will be happening later. I thought it was going to be some huge security breach or something. I still play powerball twice a week (when the pot gets big I'll let everyone know and share) but it seems like someone is winning every week. Its amazing how I can continiously get like only one number right. Maybe this is God's way of testing my patience before he gives me a hundred million dollars.

I just read an article in the newspaper that scientist have discovered that the planet Neptune has begun the season Spring, and there it last for almost forty years. I so need to go to Neptune. Although Fall is really my favorite. Maybe fall is just as long there.

I also just read in the newspaper a quote by Jay Leno about Michael Jackson. He said he was eating dinner with him (and there were nine other people there) and they served the food but Michael didn't eat his until this guy in a turban came out, took a fork from what seemed like a glass case, and tasted everything first, and than Michael eats it. I think I remember reading somewhere that Joseph Stalin used to do that. Not to compare the to though.

How hooked on TV am I? I'm actually going to leave work a half an hour early today at 7pm so I can make it home on time to see the season finale of "American Dreams". I might even check the traffic reports to make sure I don't get stuck in traffic and miss any of it.

Oh my gosh, for the first time in I think a week the sun is out. This, for once, is actually not a good thing. I haven't cut the grass in like almost a week and a half because its been raining (or threatening to), if the sun stays out to long than I'll be the only one on the block tomorrow that doesn't have their grass cut.

5/18/2003 10:21:00 AM
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