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Thursday, May 01, 2003

First things first, American Idol. What the heck happened? I mean, what the heck happened? I am so not in tune with the voting public. Or at least the American Idol voting public. I think the judges were just as shocked as I was. I would love to know the exact number of votes everyone got. I wonder if there is some fan out there that has some type of automatic call generator or something. Or I could just be so out of tune with lots of other people. I hope there's more about this in the news today.

Well, just like the Eighties Supergroup Loverboy I am working for the weekend. I think I am actually going to do stuff too. Although that really depends on what is on tv. It seems like forever since I had an entire weekend off.

A picture of a bunch of guys dressed like Saddam Hussein, smiling, holding hands, and happily walking down the street.

The company put a big picture of the Marshall Point Lighthouse in Maine, up in my cubicle (thats not the exact picture I have). I'm since its been up I've daydreamed about it probably a hundred times. One of these days I'm actually going to have to go there, considering all the imaginary time I've spent there.

Ten Good Things About Slugs. Which I got from Carol's Chaotic Collection Of Curiosities. My favorite would be number three; "Slugs are easy to hustle, being very bad at pool, because they have no arms.". I'm like a linking fool today or something.

I just found out that this Saturday I'm going to a museum in Philadelphia. I'm not sure which museum, but I was told it has a bunch of wierd stuff in it. I haven't been to Philadelphia in probably five or six years. I'm really not a big fan of going there (the city). Not to be down on the city personally though, it just seems like everytime I go there I get lost in like the worst part of the city. Personally I prefer Pittsburgh. Being a Steelers fan of course.

Now this is so uncool. Before I left work I posted two more entries and blogger ate them up.

5/01/2003 10:27:00 AM
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