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Thursday, May 29, 2003

I'm having a horrific time trying to post today. I keep getting that explorer page saying my network settings are screwed up. I'd complain to blogger but I strongly suspect its the system here at work.
They're working on the roof (putting in a new one) here at work and covering my window is this big blue tarp which is ruining my daydreaming today. Also my plane watching is suffering. Our building is just south of the approach to I guess Philadelphia airport and every fifteen minutes or so I can see a plane fly by. I've been keeping an eye on Mr. Black (you know, after he peed on me) but there haven't been anynew occurances. I think I'm going to try to replicate what we were doing when he peed on my last time (put him on the table and pet him), just to see if it really was an anomaly(sp?).

Tyson: 'I Really Do Want to Rape Her'. I'm no lawyer, but can't you get arrested for saying something like that?

For the first time last night I watched "Bernie Mac" and I almost threw up I laughed so hard. Of course now, Bernie Mac will be cancelled just because I started liking it. Like that Titus show. I will never understand why the cancelled Titus, because it seemed like everyone liked it. Also, one of the roofers dropped a spackling tool off the roof and and landed like twenty feet away from me (not really that close). I tried yelling up to the roofers to let them know that they are missing their spackling tool, but either they didn't hear me or just weren't listening.

I just read that someone has cloned a mule (I really don't think its worth linking) and it kind of has me upset. Why are they wasting their time with mules and sheep? Everybody wants a dinosaur cloned, or at least a woolly mammoth, and they need to get started on that. We already have a completley frozen woolly mammoth in Russia somewhere. I will be very upset if I don't see a cloned dinosaur in my lifetime.

To go along with my generally pissy mood today I'll share another one of my pet peeves. I hate it when its near the middle of the day, and all you can think about is going home, and you take a call from someone that is so happy its almost like they just one the lottery or something.

I think employers should pay you for two extra hours each day. My reasoning is this; no matter what your job is, odds are, an hour before you arrive at work your either getting ready for work, or driving to work, and the hour after work you are usually driving home. Would you be doing any of those thinks if you didn't have your job? No. And thats pretty much my argument, that they are work related, hence, we should get paid during that time. I've had this theory for years, but no one has jumped on my bandwagon.

Ooh! I almost forgot about this.
Breakfast -cheese omelot, home fried potatoes (with onions), toast (with jelly).
Lunch -chicken soup and fish sticks
Dinner -egg salad sandwhiches and cole slaw
Other -throughout the day, coffee (1 cup),hot tea (1 cup of hot tea, darjeeling), lots of water, 1 coffee cake

5/29/2003 10:17:00 AM
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