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Thursday, May 15, 2003


Back at work. It seems like I never left or something. Maybe I need to request a change of cubicle to break the monotony or something. The problem with that though is if I did change, and I didn't like my cubicle, would the person that I switched with want to switch back. I have to admit, I've got the best position, near a window, and facing the door (no one can just walk up behind me and see what I am doing). The window is cool too (I can see out the window because my cubicle actually has windows itself), because I get some scenery and I can tell what the weather is like. I would like to be closer to one of the air conditioning vents though. The way it is now, if it gets hot, I share an oscillating fan with a coworker. And I am no where near the TV. Hmm, it would be risky though.

Cows At California Ranch Run Off Cliff. I now what happened. Because I saw Tremors. They were trying to get away from the Graboids.

The internet here at work has been very intermittant. Its not something I can complain about though. I don't know how I would say to my bosses that I can't access my blog as frequently as I would like and its hindering me from doing my work. My company needs to buy google. Than I'm sure I'd always have access to blogger. Maybe I'll try that approach.

I use Progressive auto insurance for my car, and I just got an email from Progressive saying that I am paying too much for my car insurance and should switch over to Progressive. (Not to complain though, Progressive was the lowest I was able to find, even lower than Geico). I think the trick to really lowering your insurance is boosting your deductable up to 500 dollars.

Every day I get about seven or eight spam emails (I know I am so lucky to get that few), but lately(sp?) every day I've been getting two or three that are about cost effective ways to clean out my septic system. We don't have a septic system. I'd love to know how I got on that mailing list. Quite obviously, if there is that much spam for that kind of thing, septic systems much be a huge problem. I guess my point is, I never expected to get spammed about septic systems.

5/15/2003 09:46:00 AM
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