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Saturday, May 17, 2003


I had way too much fun last night. Way too much. Thank God I don't work an early shift, and thank God its a dreary rainy day. A bright sunny day during a hangover is the worst possible thing that could happen. One of my coworkers figured out how to dim the lights on her cubicle and I so have to remember to ask her how she did it. Its long been my theory that the best way to get over a hangover is to take some tylenol and drink a lot of water. I may be completley wrong about this (and if I am don't tell me otherwise cause it kind of works for me and I don't want it not to work). I think dehydration is what causes it. I have the best luck with sports drinks like Gatorade, but plain water will do.

Kennedy Mistress Comes Forward. According to that article she had a family and kids after her tryst with JFK. I cannot imagine what I would say if my mom one day said; "There's something I have to tell you...". That would be oh so freaky.

I think my two most hated internet sites now are that Orbitz site (which I think is about airplane tickets, but somehow looks like they make toothpaste) and Classmates. I wish there was some type software that you can specifically just block their pop ups cause I think they are responsible for 90 percent of all internet pop up ads. What irks me is that someone must be clicking on pop ups or otherwise no one would make them.

Now this is strange. I got an email from someone who was making fun of me for getting arrested for trespassing. They also said I should buy my mushrooms in a store. I wrote them back and asked them what they were talking about. It wasn't some type of spam or anything. Maybe they just got the wrong email address. I have no clue who the person is that wrote it either. Weird. I remember I used to get email at least once a month from people ragging on me for my views on abortion (which I have never written about), maybe its related to that. None of those folks ever wrote me back either.

Lunar eclipse offers celestial treat. No it didn't. Because like every time something celesital happens, here in Pennsylvania it was stinking cloudy.

Whoo Hoo!!! For some reason the blocking software on the computers is not working, and all the sites that were restricted are not now. I've got to get to while I still can.

The Lex Lugar mugshot. My sister met Lex Lugar at a diner outside of our hometown I think about five years ago. It was like one in the morning (my sister was out partying I guess) and a bus of wrestling people pulled in. She said he was the only wrestler she recognized (but could tell a bunch of them were wrestlers). She said even though he was like super tired, he was super nice to everyone and signed a godzillion autographs and posed for a ton of pictures, before he ate.

5/17/2003 09:36:00 AM
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