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Saturday, May 31, 2003


This is cool. Last night, not to afte I got done posting, I went downstairs to make myself an adult beverage. I noticed that one of the cats was going nuts near one of the drapes in the living room. So I kind of peeked through the curtains and not like two feet from the window were these two people (a guy and a girl), I'm guessing in their late teens or early twenties, necking like they were on "make out point" or something. My neighbor Spence just a couple days ago had to chase a couple kids who were smoking in between our houses away (we are close to a bus stop) so I called him. We decided that the best, most mature way to handle it, was to turn on our back porch lights and run screaming out of our houses and yelling at them like crazy people (that was actually Spence's idea, I think he got it from that movie "Signs"). That was the best fun I had in a while. The guy almost tripped when they were running away, and if he had hurt himself I would have felt bad, but he didn't so thats cool.

Harrison Ford Receives Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The remarkable thing about this story is that he had already thought he had one.

This is too cool, I just paid my electric bill online from here at work. It took just about four minutes (to set it up and pay the bill). It went so quickly and easily I thought I must have done something wrong. Wow. I just wish the phone and cable companies were that easy. Of course anything with Comcast cable will never be easy.

I let one of my coworkers use my car for the afternoon but forgot to tell her that instead of getting off at 7:30pm like I normally do, I get off work at 5pm today. That little oopsy means I get to spend 2 1/2 hours here at work hoping she comes back early. I really need to focus more I think.

Okay, cool, my coworker just called and said she's on her way. I'm out of here. Well, not for fifteen minutes yet.

5/31/2003 11:05:00 AM
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