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Sunday, May 25, 2003


I cannot believe I am here at work at 9am. I think today I'm just going to post some of the coolest, time killing links, that I use here at work.

Killing Pablo -Remember Pablo Escobar? Well this writer for the Philly News wrote a book about him i.e. how he lived, and how they tracked him down and eventually killed him. A couple years ago the Philly news printed a chapter a week and now they have it on the internet to read (the entire book). I remember each week I would be at the Getty Mart newspaper rack dying to see the next chapter. At that time you could even email the writer and ask him questions about it, which was super cool.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice Death Row Page -Wether your for the death penalty or not, this site is super duper cool. You can read information on all the inmates that have been executed (their crimes and what not), scheduled executions, final statements, and even final meal requests (cheeseburgers are the top request, go figure). Here in Pennsylvania we don't have anything like this because I think our technical advancement stopped sometime around 1983. I think our Capital is pretty much just run on Commodore Vic 20's and Radio Shack TSR-80's (despite that I still love Pennsylvania).

NASA Space Shuttle Gallery -NASA's photo gallery of every single shuttle that was ever launched, there's also audio and video. One day last month I spent almost all day on the site. The coolest thing is the pictures of how they sleep, kind of strapped to the wall. There's also a gallery for Columbia's last mission.

Dr. Zebra's Medical History of American Presidents -This Doctor who is like a history buff examines the maladies of all U.S. Presidents and gives an opinion on what their medical problems were. My description doesn't doesn't to this site justice, it is just super cool.

Google Zeitgeist -I love looking at the top searches from other countries.

5/25/2003 06:45:00 AM
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