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Thursday, May 08, 2003

amanda peterson

Well I was here yesterday but I really couldn't do any blogging because I was stuffing envelopes all day. We used to have a couple people that did that but they were part of the folks that got laid off last year. Now everyone has to stuff envelopes on a once a month rotating basis. Its a cool break from the normal day but your hands get tired and sometimes sticky from the paper. I don't understand it, but some paper has more glue in it than others. I am now quite the expert envelope stuffer. Also, yesterday morning while I was pumping gas before work a television crew for our local NBC stationed taped me doing it. They are doing a news story this weekend about the gas prices. The guy said I'll probably be on tv for about five seconds, which is cool. They didn't ask me anything about he gas prices, I'm just like filler footage or something.

Pa. Town to Update Flag to 50 Stars. Here in Pennsylvania, we don't recall Hawaii or Alaska ever asking us if they wanted to be states. I mean, they are pretty far away.

So Josh is out, although I did feel bad for him after it happened. His wife certainly looked peed off about it. Him singing that song with his child was really cool though. I really liked how he was very gracious in defeat too. Hopefully a country record label will pick him up or something. I think now its pretty much between Reuban (sp?) and Clay, unless Kim really has a spectacular performance next week. I really don't think she has the fan base Clay and Reuban has.

I actually went to sleep at 10:30pm last night, two hours before my usual bed time. This 9 to 5 shift has me completley discombobulated. I slept for over 8 hours and I'm still tired. I did finally find a radio station that doesn't have some "crazy morning crew". Its amazing how many radio stations have DJ's trying to be funny all morning.

"The newly deciphered genome of the pathogen responsible for the Cootie suggests that the cootie is the product of a long and private evolutionary history.
On April 16, European scientists announced that they had demonstrated that the agent responsible for cooties is a corona-cootie never detected before the current outbreak. In experiments on monkeys at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, researchers showed that the new corona-cootie alone can cause cooties. Earlier in the outbreak, a member of a separate cootie family was also a suspect."

Okay, I'm done posting today. I've got an hour and a half of work left and I'm sleepy and grumpy. I am going to try to get to bed really early tonight so tomorrow isn't ruined. I'll probably have to take some Nyquill though, which is always interesting. Maybe tonight I'll post on a Nyquill high later tonight.

Took- Nyquil 30 minutes ago
Listening To- What A Fool Believes- Doobie Brothers
Feeling- Pretty good (and sleepy)
Watching- E.R.
Thinking- The Doobies were much better when Michael McDonald was with them.
Thinking 2- E.R. will stink when Dr. Carter is gone.
Thinking 3- That in the dog pageant I watched tonight on Fox, Mrs. Pennsylvania should have come in first, instead of second. And Mrs. Missouri(sp?) should have been second. Mrs. Pennsyvania looked a heck of a lot better in the eveneing gown contest than Mrs. Oregon, who some how scored higher. I think the male judge is anti-Pennsylvania or something.

5/08/2003 06:46:00 AM
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