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Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Yesterday was terrible. I was actually here at work at seven in the morning. I can't remember the last time I had to work at seven a.m.. It had me so discombobulated I really couldn't blog anything at all. I probably should have not gone to sleep on Sunday at my regular time either. I did stay up a little later to read the story about the guy who cut his own arm off with a pocket knife (no link nessicary really, who hasn't heard about it). I remember back I think last year there was a guy who was trying to save his nephew from a shark attack and killed the shark with his bare hands. I labled him the "Manliest Man Of All Men". I'm going to take that title from him now and give it to the guy who cut his own arm off.

Oklahoma City Stuck with 30,000 Mice. If you don't want to read the story its about a guy that was caught with an illiegal "mouse ranch" with 30,000 mice. I don't understand why you would have a mouse ranch. I did see an episode of the Simpsons where the mob was using mice for something illegal once though.

This past weekend was a kick butt weekend for movies. TNT (or maybe TBS) had the first four Rocky movies on in a row (the four good ones, I can't stand the one where he loses all his money, I wish I never saw it). And FX (or mabye USA) had on Wall Street. Of course I have all those movies on tape and could watch them anytime, but for some reason seeing them on cable was cool. Also, I am addicted to The National Enquirrer. I know that has nothing to do with tv, but I thought I'd bury that confession in this blog somewhere. On Sunday night I tried to finish the "100 Things About Me" thing I started last year. I had almost ninety things but after reading it again I took out twenty things and then added five more, so I'm actually farther away from finishing it than I was before.

I'm doing the 9 to 5 shift for the rest of the week and right about now is where I should technically be eating lunch, but last night I made turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and corn. (I had to use pork stuffing, it was all I had, but you really can't tell the difference). I want to be really hungry when I start eating (so I enjoy it more) and I am only slighlty-really-hungry now. So I am going to wait til about two or three pm and eat it like a ravenous dog.

Celebrity gossip I learned from the National Enquirer today;

1. Simon Cowell got so peed off at an audience member for talking on a cell phone that now they have to check their cell phones and pagers in at the door. Which, in polite society, you should already be doing.

2. Charlie Sheen, in an attempt to speed his metabolism and lose weight, is drinking vinegar, apple cider, and a herb concoction. It makes him stinky.

3. Will and Grace star Sean Hayes wanted to build a fence around his property but his neihbor George Takei (Sulu!) sent a letter to the city planners office complaining about it, so Hayes isn't allowed a fence. I've never seen Will and Grace so I am going to have to side with Sulu. Because Sulu is cool.

I wish I had an internet browser that would change foreign things to U.S. things. Like when I'm reading news and they say something cost so much money in English pounds. I'd like to see it automatically display dollars. And wieghts to. I have no idea what a litre is. I have a good grasp how long a kilometer is, and a meter is pretty much a yard, but everything else is greek to me. I of course can't expect the rest of the world to go with the non-metric system (although that would make it easier for me) so I need that kind of browser. I'm not even sure I know what our system is called, so I call it the "non-metric" system.

Okay, so I watched American Idol. I tried to vote for Reuban (sp?) and I just got a bunch of busy signals. Same with Clay. I think Clay's first song was really great, the second song was really so-so. In my opinion he should stick with the slower songs. Josh's first song really stunk, but he was much better with the second one. I was making cheeseburgers for tomorrows lunch at work and I missed both of Kim's song because of that (once to start them, the second song to take them off the stove) so I have no clue how she did. I wish Randy would stop saying "dog" (he said it like eleven thousand times in the first fifteen minutes), and I think Paula would describe dog poopy as smelling like a rose so as not to offend said dog poopy. I also so did not know that the brothers Gibb wrote "Islands In The Stream", which is an awesome song. My guess is Josh goes tomorrow. I think Reuban's (sp?) fans will realize this week that they have to vote (I think they thought he was invincible and didn't vote for him last week because of that). But of course look at me, I gave up after just a few busy signals. I guess I am hoping Clay and Reuban make the final two. And I should probably get to bed. (And stop starting sentences with "and" and "but").

5/06/2003 06:26:00 AM
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