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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

amanda peterson

After two days I finally get my internet connection to work again. It took at least six calls yesterday (after you know the internet company first assumes there's something wrong with your modem) and I'm back on line again. They never did tell me what the problem was. For the sake of history I'll run down the interesting things that happened to me in the last couple days.

-Around ten in the morning I was making a cup of coffee and my one cat, Mr. Black, jumped onto the table and while I was petting him, peed all over me.
-Around 11 am I realized that my internet wasn't working (although it did sporadically work Monday night).
-The Cable stopped working for about five hours

-The vet told me that there was nothing wrong with Mr. Black, that it was probably an "anomaly"(sp?) due to stress or something. I can't imagine what he could be stressed about, but you never know.
-The mail man gave me my neighbors mail (Spencer's mail) and the person living to my right got my mail. Since this is like the fourth time this happened, three of us got together to decide who would talk to the mailman about it and we all decided it would be Spence (he's the biggest of us and would make the most menacing impression).

5/28/2003 01:00:00 PM
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