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Friday, May 30, 2003


I just got done watching "Dateline" on NBC. You know, my life would be so much easier without "Dateline". Tonights episode was about a guy who may or may not be a serial killer. They spend the first hour saying he's not a killer (and giving evidence to that effect, than the next hour saying he might be the killer(and giving some evidence to that effect), but might not be. I mean, for the first hour of the show I'm going nuts thinking this dude was wrongly convicted of three murders, than in the second hour they give you evidence saying it might be him (which makes me feel dumb cause I bought their first hour's argument), and than they wrap it up by saying they really don't know. Yeesh, thanks a lot Dateline.

Of course, I'll watch next weeks Dateline.

Anyways, I had no chance to post anything at work today because since they are working on the roof, all the top floor people were sent to do their work on the second floor (my floor) and constantly today there were second floor people walking all over the place and I so did not want someone standing behind me while I was blogging. Thankfully, tomorrow everything goes back to normal.
Breakfeast -Scrambled eggs (2), ham steak, pancakes (2).
Lunch -Philly Cheese Steak Hamburger Helper
Dinner -Hot Dogs (2) and tomato soup
Other -coffee (2cups), bear claw

5/30/2003 07:33:00 PM
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