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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Back at work. Part of the reason I call in sick yesterday was so that I could sleep a lot and come back to work and not be as tired. So what do I do last night? Have a bunch of adult beverages, stay up late, and now I'm tired and feel terrible. I probably should have called in sick again. I did have a lot of fun doing nothing yesterday. I was going to cut the grass yesterday since its the first time its been sunny in like fifty years or something, but I noticed that none of my neighbors did, so I didn't. I did do one constructive thing yesterday which led to a call in the middle of the night from my neighbor Spencer. I have two flood lights outside the back of the house and for the last year there's only been one light in them (shining on the back yard and back porch). I leave the lights on all night (to fight the criminal element). Well the on burned out the night before and I went to the hardware store and bought two new bulbs and put them in. Around 11pm I turned them on, and went about my business. Around midnight Spence calls me and says that my lights are flooding his bedroom (he said when he opened the door to his bedroom he thought it was like one of those movies where you open a door and your in Heaven or something with the bright light). It turns out the single bulb I had out there for the last year was a 45 watt floodlight bulb. I didn't pay attention to the wattage and bought two 75 watts floodlights. When I looked in the backyard to see what Spence was talking about it looked like stadium lighting on Monday Night Football. I took out one of the lights and its okay now.

The 100 Greatest Songs Of The Last 25 Years According To VH1. I hate these things cause I always disagree with them. There's some songs on there I never heard of (and a couple groups) . The songs I do like on the list I think should be ranked higher (or lower, meaning, closer to the bottom, the bottom being the best).

I was just in a two hour meeting on how best to change the scheduling system here at work. The end result of the meeting was to not change anything (which is what the faction of employees that I belong to wanted). This meeting happens like once a year and each year the faction of non changers that I belong to gets smaller. We just barely pulled a majority this year. We used to be the super majority but more non-change wanters were laid off than change wanters last year. I hope if there are more layoffs this year that they go after some of the change wanters.

I was going to admit this, but the other night when Fox had their televised I.Q. test on I took it along with I guess a couple million other people. I'm not going to reveal my score because, well, I had hoped it would have been higher. I think I beat the construction workers though.

Well this is the last week of my early shifts. One thing that I've gotten used to is listening to Dr. Laura on the drive home. I can't say that I agree with tons and bunches but I love listening to the people's problems when they call in. What amazes me is, if you call into Dr. Laura than you must listen to her show and you know what pees her off, so why would you call her with a problem that you know will get her upset and get yelled at?

6/11/2003 08:13:00 AM
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