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Friday, June 06, 2003

Okay, I'm back. I went up North for a couple days for my birthday, it was only supposed to be for one day (you know, enough to gather my presents, celebrate, and go home), but they lured me into staying an extra day by saying that they would have a barbecue on Thursday if I stayed. I am a sucker for grilling. I did pretty good present wise (if my parents ever stop giving me money on my birthday I don't know what I'd do). What was really cool about this birthday was my twin sister is away, so I finally got to celebrate without having to celebrate someones elses. You non twins don't know how much a bummer that is. Although my twin sister and I made a deal when we were ten that we would never buy each other a present so that we wouldn't actually have to buy a present on our own birthday.

Say it ain't so, Sammy, baseball world pleads. I am not the worlds biggest baseball fan, but I think I can speak on some authority here. I was in little league for four years (I really stunk, I admit that). But I do remember, even though I was afraid of the ball and would only swing once every ten times at bat or something (I just hoped to get a walk, and not to get hit by the ball) I always used the same bat. Going to the plate with the wrong bat is just unheard of. I mean, sometimes I'd go nuts cause I couldn't find the right bat. Its not just a skill thing, its a luck thing. I have a bad feeling that Sammy Sosa was intentionally corking the bat. Although I have to admit, had I known corking a bat would increase your chances of a long hit, I'd have done it in little league. Now I'm starting to wonder if anybody did cork the bat in little league, there were some little kids that always hit long.

On the way up North on Wednesday (its about a two hour drive into the mountains) I could have sworn I saw a vulture in a clearing in the woods alonside the road. That picture looks exactly like the vulture I saw. Turns out its a "Turkey" vulture and they're all over the U.S., up until then I thought vultures were only in the Western states. Some other weird things I've seen in the woods;
1). In 1995 while jogging (I actually exersized in 95) in the woods I saw a bobcat. It was like four times the size of a large house cat. It was a good thing that I used the bathroom before I left for the jog or I probably would have peed myself. We stared at each other for about four seconds, I looked away for a second and he was gone.
2). When I was twelve, while camping, my friend Charlie handed me the largest garter snake he had ever caught. We played with it for a minute before our other friend Billy saw us and practically fainted because Charlie didn't know squat about snakes and Billy did, and informed us that we were playing with a water moccasin.

For the last two hours I've been on envelope stuffing duty. It seems like once every twenty days this is one of my new appointed tasks. I can now stuff over 300 envelopes in I think less than an hour. For a non professional envelope stuffer I think this is pretty good. I've even gotten to the point where I don't need to use the finger gel (that stuff that moistens your fingers).
Here's something that pees me off, I still can't read anyones new blog entries. I asked another coworker about it cause it affects other sites too, and she said she mentioned to one of the bosses who said it was peeing them off too and it should be fixed next week. Its a bummer causeI can't make comments on anyones blog because I'm stuck in last week.
Normally today is the day I wash and vacuum out the car on my break, but I can't do that cause I don't get a break because when I showed up at ten this morning for work I was informed I was supposed to start at 8am. Oops.

Executioner Proud to Do 'God's Work'. Irregardless where you stand on the issue, Mohammed Saad al-Beshi certainly seems to dig his job.

Ninety more minutes and I'm done for the day. From the ladder just outside my window I can tell the roofers are calling it quits, everyone seems to be climbing down. I didn't notice anyone in this building sneaking out early today and thats unusual. I'd sneak out myself, but after being late thats probably not a good idea. My big Friday night plans; making pizza and downloading a billion songs from bear share. Thats unless there's something really good on tv.

This is cool, I just found out that I can read my yahoo mail at work (it had previously been blocked by our work's security software). Unfortunatly CourtTv and Fark are still blocked. I would give anything to have CourtTv not blocked. Okay, here's a warning too. I'm going to be on the computer tonight downloading music (or ripping off the music industry, depending on which side your on) and I'm going to be drinking adult beverages, so if I post something really silly (which I am apt to do), apologies in advance. I remember once I was blogging while drinking adult beverages and I posted the lyrics to a song I wrote about a bacon double cheeseburger (I promplty removed that the next day).

Almost forgot;
Breakfeast-Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, french toast.
Lunch-2 Chicken Fajitas from McDonalds.
Dinner-Haven't had yet, but we're going to a restaurant where I will eat more ribs than humanly possible. And cole slaw.

6/06/2003 08:02:00 AM
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