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Thursday, June 12, 2003


Sitting out in the parking lot right next to my car is another one just like it, same color, with a luggage rack. Now I've got to have a luggage rack. My car looks so plain without it. I don't know that I would ever use a luggage rack but it certainly looks really nice. It must belong to a customer cause no one else here has the same type of car as I do. I wonder how much they cost. I remember when I was at the car dealership they mentioned something about getting a luggage rack but I was so excited about my first brand new car that I said no cause I wanted to be done with the paperwork and get in the car. With my luck they were probably offering it for free and I turned it down.

Reality Bites: Law Firm Drops 'Love or Money' Bachelor. I was actually watched that episode and remember thinking to myself that this was a very uncomfortable episode to watch and switching over to something on Fox. In the episode he seemed like a wierdo.

Everyday my job calls for me to talk to a lot of British people on any given day, and probably about twice as many Americans, there's a couple French folks that I talk to, but not many, so I'm not including them. Hands down (and this troubles me as an American) the British are so much more polite than we are. Granted, most of the folks I talk to are polite but I can't recall every speaking to a rude Englishman or Englishwoman. Irregardless what problem they have they are always super polite. I wonder if thats something thats taught over there and not over here or something. Or maybe we are just way too stressed out or something.

Yesterday and today I left home for work at almost the exact time but this morning I got into work fifteen minutes earlier than I did yesterday. I think I just figured out why, no school buses. I'll test my theory again tomorrow, and if it works that means an extra fifteen minutes of sleep everyday. One thing which is strange, buses nowadays seem to pick everyone up at their house instead of at bus stops like when I was a kid. I'll stop there before I start complaining.

I was thinking the other day about this Mars mission (two I guess) that we're launching and I really hope we don't blow these two like the last couple. I really would like to live to see a space station on mars, almost as much as I would like to live to see a dinosaur cloned (tyranasaurus rex). I think I read somewhere where the one mars lander was lost because someone or some computer didn't translate miles into kilometers or visa versa.

Yeesh, time to go home. Normally I like to post throughout the whole day on whatever comes to mind but today the air conditioning wasn't working, everyone was in a pissy mood, we had important people visiting, etc. etc. etc.. The coffee machine wasn't working either (it blew a breaker and the breaker was behind a locked door that no one in the building had the key to cause the guy that has the key was off today). Gosh, the last half of today stunk.

6/12/2003 07:49:00 AM
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