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Monday, June 16, 2003


Well, this weekend was pretty much unevenful (which is always good). I didn't go out much cause it was brutally hot and humid. At one point in time on Saturday I had the a.c. on so much that I actually had to put a sweater on. Saturday night we had some friends came over for trivial pursuit that degenerated (am I using that word correctly?) into a game of whoever couldn't answer a question had to take a drink, of course I spent most of Sunday morning hung over and feeling terrible. I'm either going to have to get smarter or start drinking weaker stuff.

Boy breeds beetles in his body. When I was little my dad told me that if I ate watermelon seeds a watermelon plant would grow in my stomach (he told me after I ate like five of them). If I had read this article back than I would have freaked out. Actually, its kind of freaking me out now. Yeesh.

This is cool, the coworker who I share a fan with is on vacation so I have the fan all to myself. And here's a random thought, I wonder if the lead singer for Steppenwolf ever turns on the radio, hears "Born To Be Wild" and thinks; "Gosh I'm sick of that song". You know how disney will release their movies on DVD or Video Tape, sell them for six months than take them off the shelf for awhile? Thats what should be done to some songs. Especially Bob Segars "Old Time Rock N Roll". That way we won't get sick of them.

Yesterday afternoon I drove up North for Father's day and I was all excited about the ride because I had gone up into the attic and found a bunch of tapes I had thought were lost and I wanted to listen to them. So I get about a half an hour into the drive, listening to Wang Chung's To Live In And Die In LA (its really a good tape, especially if you liked the movie) and pulled it out to listen to the news. When I tried to put it back in the tape player just kept on going back and forth, like it was flipping the tape constantly. I tried other tapes, same thing, even on the ride home, so I was all bummed out. So I figured after I got to work I would call and make an appt. and have it fixed (warranty!). Of course I get in the car this a.m. and put a tape in and it works just fine. I mean, is there some kind of higher power at work that wanted me to not listen to any tapes yesterday? Some of the other tapes I found that I wanted to listen to; Dire Straits, I'm not sure which one it was a blank tape with just "Dire Straits" written on it (I was hoping "Sultans Of Swing" was on it), another blank tape that had "Awesome 80's" written on it, and Sting's Dream Of The Blue Turtles.

I just realized that all the tapes I took with me yesterday was 80's music. I must have been feeling nostalgic, I really dug the 80's. 1985 was actually my Elvis year, I was cool and with it in 1985 when I was 13/14 yrs old. Something happened in 1986 though, I'm not sure what, and I just don't think I was all that cool. I think I was briefly cool in 1987, and maybe a little cool in 89, but just like the Eighties Super Group Loverboy , grunge came about and I became decidedly uncool. Okay, enough rambling.

Todays Confession
I'll try to do this everyday, until I run out of confessions. I loved the Toy Story movies. I was forced to watch the first one by my niece Ashley and liked it so much I bought a pre-viewed copy at the video store. I watched that a couple times and the second I saw Toy Story 2 in on sale I grabbed that up. They so need to make a Toy Story 3 so that I could find out what happens to Andy's toys after he grows up.

So anyway everyone had to wait like an hour to eat Fathers day dinner yesterday because I was late (was supposed to be there at 3, I didn't get there til 4pm) but it wasn'tmy fault, although I couldn't say it wasn't my fault. That sounds complicated but its not. You see my sister on an average day sends me ten email forwards (jokes and stuff). I don't want to be rude so I don't tell her to stop, I just delete them. She sends the same ten forwards to my mom. My mom than forwards me those ten emails (I haven't figured out a polite way to say stop, I already got them) plus five or six email forwards of her own. Of course I don't read those either, I just delete them. So last week (wednesday) my sister emails my mom and says they are actually showing up an hour earlier than planned. So than what does my mom do? Forwards it to me with a note saying we're going to eat an hour earlier. I made up some lame excuse and said I've been having trouble reading my email (that qualifies as a good lie, like telling a friend that the horrible shirt they bought looks great). Now I'm going have to start reading all my forwards.

6/16/2003 07:37:00 AM
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