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Tuesday, June 03, 2003


For some reason the computer here at work won't let me see anyones blog entries from June, its like the world stopped on May 31st. This happened like four months ago (I'm sure I complained about it here). I first noticed it when I couldn't see my blog updates and I think I complained to blogger about it, than found out its the work computer. I really can't complain to anyone here at work about it though, cause, you know, this is where you are supposed to work. Also, my mouse here at work isn't working right, and its making copying and pasting really hard. One good thing though, its raining like cats and dogs which means the roofers aren't here, so there is some peace and quiet. I wonder what roofers do when it rains.

The crusty goop you find in your eyes when you wake up is the exact same mucus you find in your nose; boogers."

Next week I am working the 9 to 6 shift all week and I think that they may be wanting to switch me to it permantly. I think (since its seems like every other week I have to do it) that they are slowly trying to aclimate me to it before they tell me that that is my new shift. I could be thinking to much about it to. The wierd thing is, I probably wouldn't mind the shift because I am kind of used to it now.

I went to the CVS Pharmacy to buy a pair of tweezers. I went in and the cheapest one I could find was for $1.99 (there was even on for five dollars!). I decided that I'd try out the dollar general store accross the parking lot (I was bored) and found the exact same $1.99 tweezers there for fifty cents. Okay I know that not like a huge deal, but weird, it was a dollar fifty cheaper just fifty yards away.

6/03/2003 09:18:00 AM
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