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Saturday, June 21, 2003


The day off yesterday was pretty uneventful. We have a new person moving in accross the street so last night me and my neighbor Spencer spent about an hour hanging out on the front porch checking the new folks out. We couldn't figure out what happened to the person who lived there before cause we never saw anyone move out, but it could have happened during the day. The guy that lived there before was kind of older and Spence seems to think that he might have had a heart condition but he isn't sure how he knows that. This time its a younger couple with what is our guess, a 3 year old girl. We kind of think this is good because the "accross the street" neighbors are mostly strange people that we don't see much, like that guy Spence thinks is in the witness protection program, and a younger family might not be strange people.

Whoo Hoo!!!! Nobody one Powerball so its up to about 95 million dollars (of which I will take the lump sum of about 50 million than after takes my take would be about 30 million). So we're going to play again and up the money the people we link to get to $75,000. Since the last powerball number drawn was "20", and that is are current powerball number, I don't think we have a snowball's chance in Talahassee of winnning, but as Ray Charles says, you can't win if you don't play. Or at least I think he's the one that says that, or he might just sing the powerball song (that always gets stuck in my head).
Anyways, our numbers are;

4, 6, 7, 10, 31 Powerball-20

A guy, his dog, and the girl who married his dog.

Its very hard to post from work here today. Here at work its a majority that decides what we watch on tv, and for once (thanks to someone calling off) me and another coworker (with the vote of the person who replaced the person who called off) are now the majority and there is a bunch of good stuff on today. I guess thats how they work it in prisons also, where they have one big tv room (I got to thinking that cause we just watched a movie about a person in prison).

According to this article (which is a super boring article about the Russians launching sattelites from French Guyana except for this next statement); "Objects at the equator move faster through space than things farther north or south, and the added centrifugal force gives rockets a boost into orbit. " Which I guess (even though they don't mention it in the article) is why we have Kennedy Space Center in Florida. I'm sure weather has a lot to do with it to, I just never new about the rocket launching stuff.

Once again here at work I can't see the new updates on other folks blogs, which is a total pain cause I like reading other blogs while blogging. I tried it without the www in the front of the address (that fixed it before) and thats not working. Luckily when I get home I plan on going on the internet for a little bit.

Okay, time to go home. My big project tonight is to clean the guest room (computer room) and make barbecued chicken. I think I'm going to mess around with the sauce. A friend gave me a bottle of Jim Beam for my birthday and I heard that folks ad Jack Daniels to barbecue sauce, so I'm going to try adding the Jim Beam and see how it turns out. Than I am going to try adding the Jim Beam to Coke with ice, I think that will turn out just fine.

6/21/2003 09:20:00 AM
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