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Wednesday, June 18, 2003


I am never watching Dateline again. Last night they had this segment on about side impact crashes. According to Stone Phillips most side impact crashes happen at intersections and the average person goes through like 24 intersections a day. I thought that was kind of high until my drive in this morning, I am way over 24 intersections in a single day. Also they showed footage (crash test dummies) of side impact crashes at just 30 some miles an hour and there were a ton of what would have been fatalities. So all morning I'm creeping through intersections thinking someone is going to smash into me.

Texas prisoners marry, may honeymoon in 2036. Okay, thats really not an interesting story but I had to post it cause the girl prisoner that is marrying is Diane Zamora. Well, they showed her trial live on Court TV and I was home most of the time and watched it almost everyday. One night on one of the Court TV talkshows I called in and was the next in line to talk to I think Nancy Grace but the person ahead of me talked to much and it was near the end of the show and I never got to talk to Nancy. I forget now what I called about, I think it was something that I thought the defense should have used in the trial but didn't.

Jury Rejects Shoe Death Charges. Remember the shoe lady? Whoo hoo!

The contents of my desk drawers here at work (not counting a lot of work related stuff)
-One 24 fluid ounce bottle of artifically butter flavored syrup
-2 small containers of playdough (red and blue)
-A picture of President Gerald Ford autographed by a coworker whose name is Gerald Ford
-7 tea bags (darjeeling)
-7 creamers
-1 video tape with three movies on it; Thinner, Red Dawn, The Burbs (Burbs is awesome)
-2 Readers Digest (april and may of 02)
-1 can of chicken noodle soup (generic)
-2 plastice easter eggs
-a pink candy cigar thats says "Its A Girl!" I can't remember who gave this to me, it was years ago.
-Home Best brand nasal decongestant
-One bottle of Clear Eyes (for when I enjoy the night before to much)
-a five dollar gift certificate from a pizza place that is closed for the summer for renovations (they closed two days after I was given the gift certificate)

This is the part of the day where I have this weird fantasy. I fantasize that there is some gas leak in the building and they have to send everyone home for a couple days to fix it. Its of course implausable because there are no gas lines in the building but I can't think of any other reason why they would send everyone home. They'd probably just give us gas masks anyway.

This is a total bummer. The company's long distance is not working tonight, and they say it won't be fixed til tomorrow. Now if I want to call my mom or sisters tonight I'm going to have to do it from home and actually pay for it. Total bummer.

At the beginning of next month I'm going to a "Grease" theme party. If it was up to me all parties would be theme parties. I'm just hoping I'm not going to have to dance. Gosh I'm a terrible dancer. The last one I went to was a 1960's theme. That was cool but everyone pretty much went as hippies except for one Richard Nixon and one Ohio National Guardsman.

6/18/2003 08:45:00 AM
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