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Sunday, June 29, 2003


This is so totally not cool. One of my coworkers just told me that Jackson Browne (this came up cause he's playing in Herhsey, just down the road) once beat up Daryl Hannah. I really dig a lot of Jackson Browne's music, and hearing this kind of messes that up. I looked on the internet and found a bunch of stuff written about it, but I don't know that there's any real proof it happened (but you know, in most cases of abuse spouses never call the police or anything) but that doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Okay, so I'm no expert on spousal abuse, but just like any guy who is under the age of 35 (and plenty over too) and grew up when Daryl Hannah was the rage, I am an expert on Daryl Hannah. If you were a teenaged guy back in the eighties (or really any guy) Daryl Hannah could have come into your house and flicked a booger in your eye and that would be just fine cause, you know, thats Daryl Hannah you just saw.

So now having established my expertise on Darryl Hannah, I am going to prove both; a) it probably didn't happen and b). if it did happen, Jackson Browne is a putz, or alien from mars or something. What I'll do is provide a hypothetical situation, and than how a normal person would react to it.

Your girlfriend, Daryl Hannah, throws a toaster at you, nearly missing your head.
You buy another toaster.

Your girlfiend, Daryl Hannah, does not roll the toothpaste tube neatly toward the top of the tube like you do.
You buy another tube of toothpaste for yourself and hide it somewhere.

You discover your girlfriend, Daryl Hannah, is being unfaithful to you with a Kennedy.
Thats okay, the Kennedy curse will catch up with them, and she'll be single again. Now wait a minute, this did happen.

Your girlfriend, Daryl Hannah, confesses to you that it was her on the Grassy Knoll November 22nd 1963.
You feel sorry for that poor Oswald fellow, but keep your mouth shut.

Okay, all sillyness aside, I hate it when I read news stories about people I like doing something pretty bad because the next time you hear the song, thats all you can think about. What makes this one kind of worse is, we'll never really know what happened. Or maybe we do know I just haven't found it on the internet yet.

I am so going to think of a billion other things when I'm done with this, but my five favorite movie scenes of all time (not in order, it varies depending on my mood).

Raiders Of The Lost Ark- When Indian Jones shoots that guy who is swinging the big mean looking sword on the street. I laughed so hard I almost threw up.

Gettysburg- Joshua Chamberlain's charge down Litte Round Top.

Monty Python And The Holy Grail- The scene where they are at the bridge and have to answer three questions and the one guy get his favorite color wrong.

Star Wars- The scene where you first see Darth Vader and he chokes the one dude to death, you just new he was one bad amigo from than on in. (If you watch closley, after he chokes the dude to deah and tosses him to the ground, the guy puts his hands out and breaks his fall, hilarious when you see it).

Jaws- "I think we're going to need a bigger boat."

The World According To Garp- When the plane crashes into the house Garp and his wife are looking at buying, and they decide to buy it cause the odds of a catastrophe like that happening again are almost nil.

Okay, that was six, and I probably shouldn't have done this cause I've got a million other movies scenes in my head now that should be on the list.

Last night I downloaded the new google toolbar. It actually blocked pop up ads from coming up. I tried to use the blogging feature but stopped because I was tired and didn't want to screw anything up with the blog. It certainly seems pretty cool.

Trapped coal miner cuts off own arm. This guy gets my runner-up award for Manliest Man In The World, the top prize being the first guy who cut his own arm off. In a close third is that guy whose nephew was attacked by the shark, and he killed the shark with his bare hands.

Here's some bummer news. I spoke with my neighbor this morning (not Spencer, the other one) and he told me he was going to cut his grass tonight. Which means I'm going to have to cut mine tomorrow and so is Spence otherwise our yards will look crappy next to his. I never realized last year during the drought how easy I had it. I wish there was something that you can put on grass to stunt its growth or to keep it from getting high.

This is interesting. I was listeing to Dr. Dean Edell this morning on the way into work. One of his callers asked about meat that sometimes has a flourescent or rainbow looking oily color (shiny green sometimes) on the surface. I've seen that happen a bunch of times and just assumed that it was bad meat. Turns out, according to Dr. Edell, that it is normal and there's nothing wrong with the meat at all. He also said that the meat industry has been working for years on how to stop that from happening, but its perfectly fine and healthy to eat, which is super cool.

Okay, time to go home. I think none of my pictures are going to work for the next couple days (starting tomorrow), I got an email from my isp saying their doing maintenance, so if you see little red x's for a couple days, sorry.
breakfeast- Sausage biscuit, hashbrown
lunch- 2 chicken patties with gravy (brown gravy, didn't have chicken gravy), mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts
dinner- Cream of broccoli soup, 2 grilled cheese sandwhiches

6/29/2003 09:30:00 AM
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