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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

amanda peterson

Well, I had another great "first" in life this morning. You know how on the highway how sometimes there's a road connecting the opposing lanes that are only to be used by emergency and authorized vehicles? Well on the way to work this morning I saw construction ahead and a huge traffic jam. As usual my car was on "E" (I wanted to use the gas station close to work, regular is only $1.35 a gallon). I had a pretty good feeling that if I got stuck for a while I might run out of gas (how embarressing would that be?), so as traffic slowed I saw one of those roads. Trust me, you never want to use one of those roads. Firstly, you feel like a million people are staring at you, than you start getting worrried that the police might see you, than it takes forever for you to get out into traffic in the other lane cause your trying to merge onto the passing lane, and when you do you have to floor it just so you don't get smashed from behind. Luckily there were no police cars near, there was a County Sheriff's car that saw me but here in Pennsylvania the county sheriff's can't pull anyone over or ticket anyone for anything.

The radio station I was listening to this morning was giving away tickets to an upcoming Chicago concert I think in Hershey, and the one female caller won two tickets and back stage passes and was freaking out and saying how much she loved Peter Cetera. They then had to break the news to her that he was not in the band anymore. She tried to sound still exited but you could tell she was really bummed out. I thought radio stations pretaped that stuff so this kind of thing didn't happen. It was funny though.

Today's Confession
I have never used Outlook Express or netscape mail. Not once. When I first started using the internet I had AOL (Yech) and never knew what Outlook Express was. When I switched from AOL I just started using web based mail cause I never could figure out how Outlook worked. Even here at work, I don't use it cause I'm one out of probably a billion people that don't have company email. I'm supposed to, but they never got around to giving it to me. It makes most of my coworkers envious because I don't get email questions from people in other departments which means less work. I've dodged getting company email for probably five years. Thats actually not the record though, my one coworker has dodged getting it for six years (although she briefly had it, but the company was bought by another and she was able to dodge getting a new one from them).

Coke Driver Who Drank Pepsi Told to Hit Road. My thinking on this is this, if your in your Coke truck, or Coke uniform, you should probably abstain from drinking Pepsi. Like if you worked at the Nike factory, you shouldn't go to work wearing Adiddas. My dad retired from a company that is the rival of the company I work for, and he gave me all these cool sweaters and shirts with that company logo on, and I just know I would be in big trouble if I came into work wearing any of it.

Well this is remarkable. One of my coworkers (who has off today) just called and said she wouldn't be in for the rest of the week, and is faxing a doctors note in (required if more than five days so you don't lose vacation time). She was reaching into her refrigerator for Eggos (they're like pancakes) and a frozen 15 pound ham fell out and broke three of her toes. (Thats what she told the boss, she told me she was reaching into the freezer to get ice out to make another margarita and thats when the ham fell out. She said before she went to the doctors she made herself a very strong margarita because of the pain).

Estimated Powerball jackpot tomorrow; $82 million!!! Whoo Hoo!!!! I forgot to buy a ticket on Saturday and I was really sweating it out, but no one won, so I just got our ticket today. Pretty much the same as before, whoever we link to gets $50,000. The drawing is tomorrow night at 11pm eastern (thats if there isn't a glitch, its been a few minutes late a couple times).

Our numbers;

4, 6, 7, 10, 31 Powerball-20

I wanted to buy more than one ticket but I only have a dollar on me now, but if I get a chance to buy another one tomorrow I will and post the numbers.

6/17/2003 08:18:00 AM
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