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Friday, June 27, 2003

amanda peterson

Well it looks like its going to be a bit cooler today which is good cause I couldn't find a single short sleeved shirt this morning. Also on the drive in a passed a flat bed truck that had a huge cow on the back (a fake one), I think it was a promotional cow for selling ice cream, I so wish I had had a camera. I almost wrecked staring at it.

According to the Smoking Gun this is The Scariest Mugshot. Ever. Use caution when you go there, because it is.

If you have not tried the McDonalds Chicken Fajita you are so missing out. I had one just before work today and they are incredible, and whats even greater, they're on the dollar menu. I have to take points away from McDonalds though for taking he Big Xtra off the dollar menu.

Last night I had a dream that I was making bacon pie. It was a small thin pie that had bacon on top and maybe some pieces of sausage. Thats all I remember from the dream. I don't even think there is such a thing as bacon pie. Which reminds me (as far as dreams go) I haven't had the dream that my cat needed braces in while so I'm probably due for that one. I want to mention my dream to on of my coworkers but that last time I did that I had to listen to one of my coworkers talk for an hour about a dream she had about a dwarf.

Now this is cool, since next Friday is the 4th of July, I just found out payday will be Thursday. Of course I work on the 4th though. Has 4th of July ever landed on a Sunday? I can't seem to remember that ever happening.

Check this out. I got a five dollar gift certificate yesterday for this pizza place just down the road here from work. I was kind of bored during lunch so I ordered a cheeseburger that came out to $3.50. So I go to the pizza place and they take the gift certificate and with a pen, change the amount to $1.50. I have to say, thats pretty cheap. One of my other coworkers said that when she used hers (we all got one here at work) her order came out to $4.57 and they actually gave her back the gift certificate with the amount of 43 cents written on it. How cheap is that? So we told the company we don't want gift certificates from there anymore.

Well for the rest of the world its the weekend, but since I have to work Saturday and Sunday, today is actually my Wednesday, cause I have off on Monday and Tuesday (Saturday and Sunday). I have only one major plan this weekend, and thats to cut the grass, but only if my neighbors cut theirs. I think its gonna rain so I might get out of the whole thing. Although I do have to admit, if the grass keeps getting higher, I'll have to use a machette or one of those grim reaper slice things (you know that big stick he has with the blade on the end).
Todays totals;
breakfeast-Cheese omelot, 2 hashbrowns, french toast
lunch-Cheese steak hoagie, 1 chicken fajita
dinner-Salisbury steak (w/brown gravy), brussel sprouts
note-I'm eating pizza later tonight

6/27/2003 09:10:00 AM
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