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Thursday, June 26, 2003

amanda peterson

My gosh, its like a blast furnace out there. According to the weather man is about 94 degrees, but it feels like 100. I like it when they do that, I remember there was a time when they didn't but thats pretty cool. I really don't even need them to tell me what the real temperature is, I just need to know what its going to feel like. Here's another thing I was thinking about this morning. Your body temperature is 98.6 degrees, but when its 98 degrees outside it feels super hot. You would think it would feel just right at 98 degrees. I don't get that at all.

Man Killed by Wife Over Paint Argument, Police Say. In this case, the guy grabbed a knife and told her to stab him. The really interesting part of this new story is the last line of the report; "Police could not say what colors the couple were arguing over. "

Okay, not to keep talking about the heat, but here's another thing I don't understand. In our hoe every room is air conditioned except for the guest room and the bathroom. Now all my cats have tons of fur and when it gets really hot out the guest room is unbareable. So where do all the cats hang out and sleep? The guest room. I actually leave the air conditioning on for them during the day and when I get home I find them all sleeping in the hottest room in the house (they used to come rushing to the door when I came home, years ago, but that stopped). Maybe its the exact opposite of the polar bear, who I hear spends most of its time trying to stay cool. And on a completley unrelated note, I stll can't read updated blogs here at work, so I'll have to read blogs tonight at home.

Wow, for the last I guess four hours I have actually been super busy. So anways I'm gong to weigh in on the Hulk thing (you know, the movie). I haven't seen it, but I just don't like the idea of a fifteen foot hulk. I am way to used to the old Lou Ferigno hulk. When and if I eventually see the movie I'll change my mind, but I just can't seem to get excited about it.

Well, I would have loved to post more today, but we had an I.T. guy from out of state at work today (one of the "important" people), and everyone was carefull about what they did on the internet. The cool thing now is (at 11:30pm) I'm not at work, I've had a couple of adult beverages, and I'm listening to my Lionel Richie tape ("Sail On"), and thinking (I so hope I don't sound corny here) Mr. Richie made some real jems in his time.

P.S. Except for "Dancing On The Ceiling(sp?)", I can live without that song. And the video was corny too. But thats okay.

6/26/2003 10:28:00 AM
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