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Monday, June 02, 2003

amanda peterson

Well, not much of anything happened to me this weekend, at least nothing interesting. I did see a groundhog in the backyard on Sunday and I'm planting tomatos this coming Saturday, but I don't think groundhogs eat tomatoes so I'm not worried. Not that there's anything I could do about it anyways, my Have A Heart trap isn't big enough. I also decided (in the cats litter boxes) to switch over to playground sand because a friend of mine said it cuts down on urinary tract infections. I'm kind of suspicious of that but we'll see.

Richard Chamberlain comes out of the closet. My mom was absolutley crushed.

Birthdays are weird. I've got one coming up on Wednesday, my 32nd. Probably the worst birthday I had was my 30th, its just so weird to think that you are closer to being 60 years old than you are to being born. With turning 32 I can't help but think turning 40 is just around the corner. I can't imagine turning 40 (if you read this and your in your forties, sorry). I bet though there are a lot of folks that think 32 is old though (I thought that at one time). Heck, I remember thinking (back in the eighties) that I'd be old when it became the year 2000. I guess my point is, well, I guess I really don't have a point (other than I don't want to be 40). My parents still do give me money on my birthday though, and thats cool.

Its carpet cleaning time. Every June at home we have a guy come in and clean the carpets and its the worst experience in the world. I mean, I vacuum all the time, but when he asks after he's done if you want to see the water (should you ever have it done) say no. Every year I ask to see the dirty water and its the grosses thing in the world. And I'm a very clean person, I vacuum all the time. I can't believe how much hair and stuff vacuuming doesn't get up. Maybe this year I can arrange to not be home when they come.

Sunday business booms at liquor stores. Here in Pennsylvania we just started opening some of our liquer stores on Sundays (about time). I think this is a case where sometimes there's such a thing as a "good monopoly". Here in PA all the liquer stores are state owned. If you've ever been to a Pennsylvania liquer store, the stores are fantastic, the selection is great (and if its not there you can order it). Compare it to say N.J. (and I'm not being anti Jersey here, I was actually born in Sparta) where the liquer stores are not state owned and you can't find the selection that you can in almost every town, its pretty much hit and miss. I better stop before I become an advertizement for Pennsylvania liquer stores.

They're still working on the roof here at work, and now they've brought in this huge crane. I keep thinking (I mean this crane is huge) that its going to crash into the top of the building (or whatever it is "craning" is going to) and crush me to death or something. I do feel bad for the people on the second floor, a lot of them left early today because the noise was that loud. I was going go up there and see how loud it was (it was pretty loud down here), but that crush to death fear came in and I decided not to go. The building also smells like tar or something. Well, not the part of the building I'm in, it smells fine because we don't get any fresh air whatsover. The tarp is away from the window and now I have a direct view of the crane working. I wish the tarp was still there, that thing gets awfully close to the building.

"It's not easy being a celebrity. Once this little kid, this cute little kid asked me for an autograph. I gave it to him. He said, 'Thanks Mr. Hanks!' I took it away from him, tore it up, and told him Tom Hanks was dead."
-Harrison Ford
(from Celebrity Secrets)

6/02/2003 10:43:00 AM
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