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Monday, June 09, 2003


I cannot believe I am here at work this early. That being said, Sunday was kind of cut short because I had to get up at the un-Godly hour of 6am. I think I was the only person on my block up that early. I didn't do much yesterday, around 1pm my nieghbor Spencer called and wanted to know if I wanted to come over and drink some beer. When I got there he said his wife and son was at his brother in law Simon's house. He said he never goes to Simon's because Simon is a "complete idiot", but he did add that its not Simon's fault, that Simon's dad is in an idiot and thats how he got that way. We watched "Jumanji" which was suprizingly really good. I might actually get a copy of it for myself.

Woman Suspected Of Killing Man With Shoe. Its a pretty unbelievable headline until you read that she wore a size 12 shoe, and alcohol was probably a factor.

I have a craving for a jelly doughnut, particularly blueberry or grape. I wonder if that has anything to do with waking up so early and drinking coffee. On an unrelated note I have to go to Philadelphia this Saturday for the graduation of a relative I have never seen. I can't stand going to Philadelphia, the traffic is always terrible, and I usually end up getting lost in the worst part of the city. Once I accidentally ended up going over a bridge and ending up in New Jersey. Embarrassingly enough I didn't know I was in New Jersey until I asked for directions.

PALS SAW SHOE SLAY COMING. More details. Apparently she used a high-heeled shoe, and it looks like it might have been self defence.

About two weeks ago while at the checkout at the grocery store this really nice checkout girl asked me if I wanted to donate a dollar to some children's charity (I think it might have been children, could have been the rain forest or whatever). I always feel guilty when I say no so I said yes. After I paid for all my stuff and gave her my dollars she gave me this balloon thing and said to write my name down on it cause they hang it up in the store. Whenever I buy these things I always put a name of on of my cats on it instead of my name (my cats give to charity). I chose Ricky this particular time (Mr. Black was the last one). Now, the last two times I've gone to the grocery store she has called me "Ricky" and since I let it go so long I really can't tell her she has my name wrong. I just hope I never have to write a check there.

I still can't see new blog entries of anyone elses blog (or my own). This is so frustrating. Its like I am trapped in last week. I got rid of everything in the temporary internet files and cleared the history and that still isn't working. Whats weird is, I can see news sites like Fox News and Cnn with their latest news but not blogs. Maybe if I try getting rid of cookies or something. I'm not even sure I can find the cookies on this computer here at work. On a related note, I don't like how they call them "cookies", they should be called crumbs or something, there is nothing cookie like about them.

Someone just called me and asked me when the July 4th company shut down is going to happen this year. Think thats a stupid question? Well when they asked me I said I didn't know, than went and asked my boss who laughed hysterically at me. Turns out it was one of my coworkers calling from another room disguising her voice. If I hadn't had to wake up so early I would have caught that prank. Next time I'm tired I just hope no one askes me when the 11 o'clock news comes on.

Finally time to go home. I am never, ever, every, volunteering to get up this early again. I will say though, leaving work 3 1/2 hours earlier than your used to is supercool, and its still light out.

6/09/2003 05:20:00 AM
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