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Saturday, June 07, 2003


A Day In The Life; A Lazy Saturday For Your AP Site Author

I wake up. My mouth feels super dry (and icky) because of the ten billion adult beverages I had Friday night. I go downstairs and drink a huge cool glass of lemonade (with ice) and down my Zantac (prescribed by my doctor, it only costs five dollars for like forty tablets). My work prescription plan is just to cool. I go back to bed.
I wake up again and go downstairs and eat two egg salad sandwhiches followed by a big cup of coffee while watching "Toy Story 2" (cause there is nothing on TV). Gosh I wish they would make a "Toy Story 3".
Shower, shave, and jump into the car and go to; 1)gas station, 2) service station (oil change), 3) convience store (Power Ball!).
I get home and my neighbor Spencer is on his back porch cleaning off his charcoal grill. Spence gives me a beer and we talk about (of all things) what ever happened to Kenny Loggins (There was a Kenny Loggins song on the radio). We both assume he is retired with a billion dollars cause of all the songs he did for movies in the 80's.
I Take a big time nap. (I love napping).
Significant Other comes home, suggets ordering a pizza and watching a movie.
I order 2 large pizzas (one with extra sauce, one with extra cheese, this way we each get our own pizza!). I start looking for video tape that has the "Shawshank Redemption" on it.
I finally find the Shawshank Redemption tape.
Significant Other says that "The Shawshank Redemption" is getting old, so we watch "Men In Black 2". Which I have to say, is so much more funnier than "Men In Black 1".
We go to Taco Bell. I love their Mexican Pizzas! (and order two). I do have a bad feeling though that there is not one single Mexican anywhere in Mexico that has any idea of what a "Mexican Pizza" is. Thats okay though, cause they taste great.
We watch the "Carrie" movie on NBC.

6/07/2003 08:16:00 PM
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