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Tuesday, June 24, 2003


My gosh, I'm finally back. I allways feel terrible when I let the blog go a few days without posting anything (or without previous warning), but I've had one crazy stretch these last three days. So I'll break them down.

Sunday starts out normal. I have work at 11:30am. Normally I wake up around nine thirty but I had a bunch of errands to run (bills to pay) so I get up an hour earlier and I'm actually out of the house at nine thirty. Now where I go wrong is this, its very hot out and the car has like about just under a half a tank of gas. I decided not to use the air conditioner because I am so cheap that I want to get all my errands done and drive back and forth to work without buying more gas so I just leave the windows down and sweat alot. Now you would think that in this case a normal person would have an ice cold drink in the car with them. Of course I'm not an normal person, I'm a caffiene addict with an simpleton streak. My first stop (before all my errands) is at the convience store where I buy a Milky Way bar and a small package of Twizzlers (I hate Twizzlers, but there was a sale where if you bought a candy bar you can get a package of Twizzlers for a quarter and your like losing money if you don't advantage of that) and a 16 ounce cup of hot coffee. (I know this is getting long, but if you bare with me it will make sense). So all througout my errands I'm drinking the coffee and sweating to death. My last errand of the day is to buy a present for my niece Ashley's birthday which is next week. So I go to the Walmart that is like twenty minutes away from work (its now like 10:45am). Inside the store I buy her a copy of "A Bugs Life" (that pixar movie that came out a few years ago). It was a lot cheaper than I thought it would be so I swung buy the toy aisle to see if they had any Bug's Life Toys to ad to the present (or course they don't). But I did see a Buzz Lightyear toy from Toy Story. I pick it up to see if it is anything like the Buzz Lightyear in the movie and I suddenly feel dizzy. I put Buzz back and kind of take a bunch of deep breaths and it passes. So I start walking out of the Walmart and I start feeling like I want to throw up (but i hold it back and get into my car and start driving to work). I still feel nauseas and I get this huge headache. By the time I get to work I so know I am not going to be able to work cause I feel terrible and I go to the bathroom and you know, I pray to the porcelin God (its wierd to do that when its not a result of drinking adult beverages, you just think you're dying). I than go to my bosses office and say I feel so sick I think I need to go home. My one boss says (and this was just so comforting) "Oh, you look very pale!" at which time my other boss says; "More like gray." So I sit down and drink some water (I don't know where the water came from) and one of my bosses says she'll drive me home (which is so cool). So I get home and I drink a ton of water (while trying not to throw up) and lay on the sofa under the air conditioner watching The Godfather (it was the first tape I could grab, I didn't want to watch regular TV, I just was not in the mood to be picky). Later Monday night I feel a lot better (after sleeping and drinking water all day) and I realize I was actually a heat casualty. That was super weird. I've been in a lot of hot weather before, but I guess this time there was just so many stupd things I did (not using the a.c., drinking coffee, wearing a sweater (I didn't mention that), and drinking a few adult beverages the night before).

I had off Monday (and today!) and I came upstairs on the computer and was reading different news sites when out of the window I heard some yelling and screaming. I quick ran downstairs and outside (into the backyard) to see where it was coming from. Turns out the neighbors two doors down (next to my neighbor Spence's house) were having a fight on their back deck, and a loud one at that (they have a small child, Spence tells me when they fight they do it on the deck so as not to wake up the child. Spence says the best entertainment on the block is when these two firebrands fight on the deck). And he was so right. I made myself an adult beverage and hung out on the back deck listening to them screaming at each other. From what I gathered from listening to it, she was upset cause he spent all night bowling while she was stuck at home with the child and he never told her that he would be out all night. The fight ended when he said (storming off into the backyard) that he would be spending the night in sleeping in their car (cause he said he didn't want anything to do with her anymore). She slammed the door shut on him and he marched off to their car (to spend the night) and I guess didn't realize that he had locked the car doors and couldn't get into the car. It was at that point in time where he went back into his house and I guess made up cause after five or ten minutes I didn't see him again. So that blew Monday nights blogging.

Today was another day off (and so stinking hot it is not funny, my gosh it is so hot.) and I briefly toyed with the idea of cutting the grass but I noticed that niether one of my neighbors cut theirs, so I didn't. I woke up around ten a.m. and after eating breakfeast I spent about twenty minutes on the phone with the company that I make my car payments to. Two months ago I switched insurance and never told them and they were thinking I was driving around in the car without insurance (oops!). I watched my tape of the Godfather, napped, and ate some chicken wings in the afternoon. For dinner I actually busted out the grill (charcol, I one day aspire to owning a gas grill) and made a coupe steaks for dinner, we watched Keen Eddie (such a cool show, and here I am now). Tomorrow is another day off so I am going up North (to give Ashley her birthday present) and eat dinner with the old folks (they have a gas grill, and they buy the expensive steaks!).

P.S. Powerball!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nobody won, so its like up to $110 million dollars! This time everyone we link to gets $85,000 dollars (yea, like we'll actually ever win, but its nice to dream). Our numbers;

4, 6, 7, 10, 31, Powerball- 20

If I have an extra dollar tomorrow I'll buy another ticket and try to post the numbers before the drawing.

6/24/2003 09:23:00 PM
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