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Monday, June 30, 2003

amanda peterson

Well, today was a day off (and tomorrow is too!) so pretty much what I did was hang out on the sofa and watch tv. I did cut the grass this morning (which was a superbly humungo pain in the rear). Not only did I nearly sweat to death cutting the grass, while doing it I totally peed off a groundhog (which has made himself a home underneath my concrete walkway to the driveway), and peed off the two ducks I feed every morning (cause I didn't have bread to give to them, I had sausage sandwhiches last night and used all the bread we had), and also peed off one big fat garter snake that I almost ran over with the lawn mower. At least I hope it was a garter snake. When it did jump out of the grass and take off I immedialty thought; "Cobra!!!!" and took off in the other direction. I know that the nature folks say (when it comes to wild animals); "They are more afraid of you, than you are of them", but I kind of disproved that theory today.
I also thought about taking a wire brush to our charcol grill (the one that has been in storage in the shed for the past six months) and totally cleaning it out so that we can grill tomorrow or this weekend. Of course that was just a thought and we certainly won't be grilling tomorrow or this weekend.

Breakfeast- No breakfeast today, slept til almost 11am!
Lunch- 2 bologna (baloney!) and cheese sandwhiches (with mayonaise) and one big dill pickle.
Dinner- 3 slices of pizza (delivered from Dominos) with extra sauce and mushrooms, hot wings (to many to mention) and an eggroll that's been in the fridge for like three days that I thought if I didn't eat tonight it would probably go bad.

6/30/2003 10:04:00 PM
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