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Thursday, July 03, 2003

How lazy am I? Well yesterday I took a vacation day and stayed at home. I was watching Wimbledon on NBC and about to fall asleep on the sofa when they broke in with news about a fire at Three Mile Island (that news story is after it was put out). We live about a mile from the island and you would think I would have been concerned. I fell asleep in the middle of the report, woke up an hour later and forgot about it until I heard another news report that the fire was out. Turns out it wasn't a big deal anyways. I remember when the big mess hapened in 79, when I was a wee bit of a kid, my parents bought me a glow in the dark shirt that said "I survived Three Mile Island."

Yesterday I was listening to a tape a friend gave of me, Dire Straits Greatest Hits. I don't know if Dire Straits ever had a greatest hit album, it was my friends idea of their greatest hits. The first song on the tape was "Sultans Of Swing" and I noticed that the lyrics in the beginning of the song were different than the lyrics that they play on the radio, completley different. Now I've got to find out why they changed the lyrics. It can't be because of anything controversal(sp?) cause there's nothing offensive to either one. It was just wierd cause when I was listening to it I thought I was going crazy or something cause as I was humming along to it I was so not in tune with the song.

If you boil Holy Water, you don't boil the Holiness out of it. How cool is that?

This is great. No one gave me the memo that today at work we were celebrating the 4th of July and everyone was to wear red white and blue. Well everyone is wearing red, white, and blue, and little flags, and I'm wearing blue, green, and grey. Maybe someone will let me borrow a little flag to wear.

Okay, I may have been wrong about the "Sultans Of Swing" Dire Straits lyrics. I can't find any different lyrics for it anywhere. I guess I'm just a dork.

Bloggers Gain Libel Protection. From what I understand (and it took a couple of times of reading it) this means that if the someone like the New York Times says something like "frogs are purple", and you repeat that in your blog, the frogs can only sue the New York Times for saying they're the wrong caller.

My July 4th plans are pretty simple. I'll be here at work. I do get off early tomorrow though so I am going to attempt to grill and have a bunch of adult beverages. By attempt I mean that sometimes I have an urge to use the grill and than when it comes time to do it I get lazy and change my mind. Hopefully I'll get to see the fireworks this year, last year on the 4th I found out that there were no fireworks cause they held them the week before for some reason.
breakfeast- I was running super late so I skipped it (yeesh!)
lunch- 2 pork chops, noodles, corn
dinner- McDonalds Big Xtra w/fries and a Coke.

7/03/2003 08:46:00 AM
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