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Monday, July 28, 2003

amanda peterson

My gosh, will the last great American icon turn the lights out before they leave? I liked Bob Hope cause he could alway poke fun at folks, be funny, and the jokes never even offended the folks he was poking fun at. Super dude, total bummer. I remember listening to Paul Harvey "The Rest Of The Story" a few weeks back and he had a great story about Bob Hope on a plane ride to Alaska (that almost didn't make it), I I can find the story I'll link it.

I just read an article where this guy in California was saying how really harmless sharks were and said that more folks are killed and bitten by dogs every year than sharks. Well duh, of course. There's dogs running around all over the place and folks have dogs as pets. If we all jumped into the ocean and hung around sharks I'm sure there'd be a lot more shark attacks.

How Labels, artists, divy up your MP3 dollar. From what I read in that article, the artist gets about 8 to 12 cents out of each dollar. Which is I guess, somewhere between a pittance and diddly squat.

Wow. I just took one heck of a good nap. The only problem with taking a nap at work is when you wake up your are all disoriented and you need like ten minutes to get back into the groove of things. Plus my feet fell asleep during the nap.

For the rest of the world today is Monday, but its actually my Friday, cause I have Tuesday and Wednesday off (and of course I work the entire weekend). But than I have Monday and Tuesday off (meaning Sunday will be next weeks Friday). The week after Friday becomes real Friday and so does Saturday and Sunday. It always feels a little weird to have two day off in the middle of the week cause unlike the weekend there's a ton of traffic and daytime television is so much different than weekend tv (which is just horrible if there isn't a good movie on). And you really can't call anyone you know cause they are at work and they don't want to hear about you sitting at home when they'd like to be home.

Almost time to go home! I have a bunch of stuff to do tomorrow (running around stuff) so I probably won't get a chance to post anything til tomorrow night. One bummer here though, the cleaning people starte waxing the floor downstairs (where the lunch room is) so my lunch bag is stufk down there and I won't be able to get it till I come back on Thursday. I really wish the cleaning people would let us know when they are going to do that. It looks like its a new crew though, so they might not have known. Oh well.
Breakfeast- 2 McDonalds sausage biscuits, hashbrown.
Lunch- 2 blogona and cheese sandwhiches.
Dinner- Salsbury steak (with gravy), noodles (garlic and dill noodles, never had them before but they were really good), brocolli.

P.S. My my major goals these next two days off are to clean the windows in the house and eat a lot of pancakes. I've got an incredible craving for pancakes.

7/28/2003 08:48:00 AM
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