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Saturday, July 05, 2003

Well I ended up not having to work yesterday. One of my coworkers needed monday off so I switched. Pretty much I watched tv all day and than grilled a ton of stuff and had many adult beverages. I really was exited about the 4th of July fireworks because they shoot them off in a field next to our house. Me and my neihbor Spencer set up the lawn chairs and stuff in my backyard (Spence has a huge tree that obstructs the view) and we all waited for about an hour and the fire works never went off. We asked Spence's next door neighbor when she came let her dog out and she told us that our town did the 4th of July fireworks last weekend so as not to conflict with another towns fireworks.

After much investigation I'm gong to have to admit that I was wrong about the Dire Straits "Sultans Of Swing" lyrics. There is not any alternate lyrics for that song. I could have sworn I heard different lyrics though, I guess I was daydreaming.

Bradys Go Back to Hawaii. I was little this was my favorite Brady episode. I remember when they found the tarantula on the bed (I think it was the bed) that was like the scariest thing ever. Its because of Hawaii episode that whenever I think of Hawaii I immedialty think of Don Ho.

One other interesting thing happened last night. Spence's wife thought she saw something slivering in the back yard just before it got dark. We're thinking it might have been the snake from the other day (when I was cutting the grass). So we came up with a plan. Tomorrow (since I am off work) Spence and I are going to put his Jack Russel Terrier (Pickles is his name) in my yard. If I hear Pickles barking a lot it would probably be because Pickles sees the snake and that way we can get a good look at it. Reason being, if it is a garder snake than thats okay because its harmless. If its a poisonous snake, well than I guess we'll have to call someone. I'm not sure who we would call, but I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Spence also has a Time Life book on snakes so we have a pretty good idea of what the poisonous ones look like. We're also keeping my Polaroid on the back porch to take a picture of it.

Well it looks like no one hit the powerball and its going to be close to 200 million (forgot to play last week, I'm suprized the numbers didn't come up). Since, even if we take the lump sum it would still be like 100 million dollars, everyone we link to will get like $100,000 (not including the folks we reviewed). I can't even imagine what it would be like to take the lump sum $100 million dollars. I mean, wow. Anways, our lucky numbers our;

4, 6, 7, 10, 31, Powerball- 20

Almost done. I'm off tomorrow, than a five day stretch of work, than I'm off for almost two weeks on vacation. I'm trying not to think of it to much or else thats all I'll be able to think about (you know how that is). I'm sure the workday on Friday will seem like its the longest day of my life, I call it dentist chair time, the seconds stretch out for days. Its even hard to fathom, 14 days without any work at all. Wow! Okay, I'm starting to think to much about it.
Breakfeast- Egg McMuffin, hashbrown, coffee (value meal number 1 at McDonalds).
Lunch- Pork chops, noodles (dill and garlic noodles actually), peas.
Dinner- 2 cheeseburgers.

7/05/2003 09:59:00 AM
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