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Thursday, July 31, 2003


Well I had a post here last night but its gone now. I don't think it was a blogger problem, I think my internet provider messed up cause last night as I was posting the entry I got booted off the internet and I couldn't get back on. Which is super rare cause my service provider is usually really good. Anyways, the last two days were great. The only hitch to it being pefect was yesterday morning I was lying in bed when I heard the trash truck come by and realized that the garbage wasn't put out so I had to race to get the garbage to the curb (I made just as they were about to pull away). I just happened to have my Buzz Lightyear pajama top on (the pants just look to funny so I use sweat pants), and I think the garbage guy got a kick out of that. (My niece Ashley got me them for a joke a couple years back and the pajama top is actually very comfortable). I just have to remember not to go outside with it on (its probably the dorkiest thing you've ever seen).

Stalin Plotted to Kill John Wayne? We probably would have nuked them had they succeded, pardner.

Well I just read an article that said (I think it was a BBC study) that proves that there is no Loch Ness monster. What a bummer. I wish I hadn't read that. They did some type of sonar thing of the bottom of the entire Loch and found nothing. I've always thought that there was a good chance it was bogus (I mean, with the advent of of video taping, someone would have taped it) but I never wanted to know for sure if it was bogus. As far as Big Foot goes, I could care less if there was some half monkey half man wandering the woods. I just want to see Nessie.

I feel the beginnings of a sinus headache coming on. I kind of thought this would happen cause on the car drive in to work today twice my right ear started to hurt, which is always a sign that there's sinus trouble afoot. Normally what I would do is drink a lot of water (you would be suprized how much that helps with sinus headaches, at least mine) to cut the headache off at the pass. Well, I forgot to do that, so now its onto my second line of defense, tylenol (well the generic equivalent). Should that fail my third line of defense is ibuprofen. Shold that fail, my fourth line of defense is alcohol with the hopes that the headache won't be there when I wake up in the morning.

Okay, the headaches gone. Although now I've got another problem. I have a huge zit on my nose right between my eyes (bridge of my nose I guess), which is making it next to impossilbe to drink from my coffee cup (or any cup for that matter) with hitting the zit and causing pain. Not terrible pain, annoying pain. Thank God I don't wear glasses though, or otherwise this zit would be unbearable. Todays turning out to be a pretty good day at work, I haven't had to deal with to many cranky or rude people. Knock on wood.

Well, almost time to go home. For the past couple years my shift has always been 11:30am to 8:30pm. In the beginning of the summer they asked me if I would like to do some 9am to 6pm shifts everyone know and again and I said no problem. It seems like that has pretty much become my shift now. I'm actually starting to like it a lot. I should probably mention it to the powers that be that I'd like it to be permanent. Anyways, see you all tomorrow.
Breakfeast- 2 breakfeast burritos from McDonalds, hashbrowns
Lunch- Ham, rice, corn.
Dinner- Chicken and Stuffing, peas (it was one of those oven things).

7/31/2003 07:58:00 AM
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