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Thursday, July 10, 2003


Well someone from Pennsylvania did win, but it wasn't us. I just hope that the person who did win isn't already a millionaire like the last time there was a big pot. It seems like such a waste to give a millionaire more millions. None of my coworkers one either, and thats important cause I would be so jealous it would be hard to work. I saw the new guy accross the street (the one that looks like Noriega) getting out of his car as I got home and he had powerball tickets in his hand.

Demolition Crew Tears Down Wrong House. That is the ultimate in "oopsy". Wow.

I hate to be a link nut but; "After Bush posed for photographs with his hand on a tusk and climbed back into the truck, one of the elephants mounted his mate."

My only pet peeve about blogging at work is I never realized how many people come up to me a day and stand behind my back and talk. Your allowed to blog here at work but I don't let anyone know about it cause its kind of best to keep your blog and work seperate. Its totally annoying. When this happens when I'm blogging I sometimes make it look like I am really busy and whoever is blabbing to me is interupting something really important.

Today has been one long boring humdrum day. I stayed up to late last night and thats probably part of the problem. One bright side though, I get to leave work at 6pm tonight instead of 8:30pm, and than I have one more workday til vacation. Tentatively(sp?) the vacations goals are;

1). Gettysburg battlefield. This is probably going to happen next Tuesday so long as its not to hot. Did you know you can still find bullets on the battlefield? How cool is that.

2). North Carolina . This is going to happen next weekend for three days. Gosh I hope its not to hot. I love going there but I also like the drive down (I like hitting as many restaurants as possible). I also don't do the long distance driving, I like the passenger seat for long trips. That way I can nap.

3). The Amazing Maize Maze. It has a website but I don't have time to post the link, but its this huge cornfield that they cut a maze into and you have to find your way out. The say it takes on an average an hour to find your way out, it usually takes us two or three hours.

4). Napping. Lots of it.

There's also going to be a lot of adult beverages and grilling. Outside of the Gettysburg day my other goal is to not wake up before 10am on any day. I also hope God doesn't mind but I'm skipping church while I'm on vacation too. Oh yea, a lot of adult beverages too. I think I'm violating my idea of not talking about vacation to much before it happens.
Breakfeast- Running late today, skipped it.
Lunch- Spaghetti with meat sauce
Dinner- BBQ Chicken, peas, mashed potatos

7/10/2003 10:16:00 AM
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