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Saturday, July 26, 2003


Well I'm here at work and completley hungover (which kind of explains last nights activities), although my headache is strarting to go away, I still do feel a bit icky stomach wise. Yesterday was pretty much just laze around the house day. I did watch "Eight Legged Freaks" which was about a bunch of super huge spiders that attack a town. As far as I'm concerned any movie that has a giant monster is good in my book, and this movie was really good and funny. It had that guy in it thats married to Courtney Cox from Friends.

Legendary Dog-Eating Catfish Dies. Speaking of giant monsters.

The three songs I did last night at the kareokee(sp?) bar;

1. I Love L.A. -Randy Newman
2. Lawyers, Guns, And Money -Warren Zevon
3. A Good Run Of Bad Luck -Clint Black

It was a weird night last cause the DJ pulled your name out of a hat and you had to do whatever song he picked out of another hat. I consider myself lucky though, before I did "A Good Run Of Bad Luck" (which I might add was super hard), the guy before me had to do Michael Jackson's "Ben".

What is Demi Moore doing with Ashton Kucher? I'm reading the July 28th issue of US magazine and there they are a couple (there's even a picture). I mean I have no right to say who folks see (of course), I just wish Demi would get back together with Bruce Willis.

I don't know if I mentioned this (I know I mentioned it once when I first downloaded it) but my Google Toolbar pop up blocking feature has now blocked over 380 websites as of last night (the last time I checked). I guess whats shocking me is that its been so long since I found something that you can download for free without much hassle and really is a benefit. I sure hope they never charge for it (I doubt they will). And of course there's all the other cool stuff the toolbar does.

Okay, forty minutes to go. That last half hour of work is always the worst. I really do my worst work in the last half hour. Someone once told me that the reason there are lemon cars (cars that even brand new are junk) are because they are the cars that are made on the last day of the week or the day before a holiday (or the majority of work is done on them during those days). So this is kind of my lemon time as far as work is concerned.

7/26/2003 11:10:00 AM
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