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Friday, July 11, 2003

Five and a half hours til vacation. I'm so excited I can hardly think about anything else. This is probably going to be the longest work day of my life. Added to which, someone called in sick today so I have extra work to do. Its weird how people seem to get sick more on Fridays and Mondays than any other day. My preferred day to get sick is Monday.

Calif. Magistrate Clears Rat Supporter. This really isn't all that interesting of a story except that it says vitamin K is an antidote for rat poison, which I never new (but I bet a lot of characters in the show "Murder She Wrote" wish they knew).

I have the song from "Walker Texas Ranger" stuck in my head, which is strange cause I don't think I've seen that show recently (I know it used to be on USA). My mom met Chuck Norris a few years ago when she was in New York seeing Cats (the musical), and Chuck Norris was behind her (with according to what my mom said, was a girl who looked like a fashion model). She said he was really nice and while he was autographing her playbill she told him that I watched his show, and he asked her if he should make the autohgraph out to me. My mom said; "Oh no, he can get his own autograph, make it out to me."

Three and a half more hours til vacation. I can see some other folks in the building leaving for the weekend and they are all happy and what not. I hate it when I see people happily leaving for the weekend when I'm stuck here for another three hours. They have earned both my scorn and envy.

Okay, time to go on vacation. Yay! I'm still going to blog (except when I'm out of state of course) but probably not till nightimes.
Breakfeast-Cheese omelot, hashbrowns, sausage
Lunch-Chicken fritters
Dinner-liver and onions, mashed potatos, gravy

7/11/2003 12:10:00 PM
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