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Tuesday, July 22, 2003


Well, back at work. I new the day would come, but its still depressing. When the alarm went off I wanted to cry. I think even the cats were shocked to see that I was up. Of course while I was gone the person who I asked to water the office plants didn't, so they're near death (except for the Spider plant, which seems to thrive on neglect). I'll blab more about vacation later, its to depressing to think about it being over now.

N.C. Rep. Proposes to Mate on House Floor. That is a very misleading headline.

Someone just told me that we either found or killed Saddam's sons. I can't find a news link yet. I would probably prefer them captured cause that way we can try the for war crimes or something.

Thats it, I am done watching tv shows unless they have been on for a couple years. I just read that "Keen Eddie" (a show on Fox) is probably going to be canceled at the end of the summer. Of course its like my favorite show and I clear my schedule just to watch it. Fox seems to just dump shows immediatly if they don't have a huge audience. Sure, the ratings weren't great but its the summer. I think I'm actually going to write to them. (I'd link to the Keen Eddie site but the blocking software here at work won't let me go there).

Well the backyard bbq me and my neighbor Spencer had was pretty much a success. We tried to invite the new neighbor from accross the street over (the one that looks like Manuel Noriega) but he wasn't home, but some other folks showed up so that was cool. The only bummer was Spence was put in charge of buying the beer and he bought Old Milwaukee. Nothing against Old Milwaukee but if your going to have a bbq you should really get something like Coors or Yuengling. We set up the badminton net and I once again proved that I am quite the Lord High Ruler Of All Things Badminton (until the future in-laws kids started cheating). I wish badminton were an olympic sport. I mean, they have that broom thing, why not badmitton? I was in charge of doing the bbq chicken, and I think I kind of screwed that up by cooking it to long, but I'm paranoid when it comes to food poisoning.

Okay, after spending the afternoon reading the news sites I am back up to speed on all the latest current events and celebrity gossip. Thats one thing I really didn't do a lot of on vacation, watch the news, except for the weather. Speaking of which, in this part of Pennsylvania there are thousands of folks without power and even more people without telephone service and I can't find a single news story about it (although its all over the radio). The local news here really stinks.

7/22/2003 07:29:00 AM
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